Pasar Seni ITB 2014

Last Friday I flew to Jakarta with the last flight and departed to Bandung with the earliest shuttle bus on Saturday morning. I miss Bandung, an expected cliché from people who used to live, love and leave their heart in the city. The problem is that we don’t only miss Bandung, we also miss those golden moments, the younger version of ourselves and our old pieces of support system which are somewhere else, probably as busy and worn out as we are.

Pasar Seni ITB, quadrennial art market and local event held at Institut Teknologi Bandung by Faculty of Fine Art and Design seems to have always been good idea for a rendezvous. “Are you coming to Pasar Seni? Let’s meet up there!” If somebody who was not a Pasar Seni first timer said something like this, she/he simply didn’t miss you that much. She/he possibly just wanted a glimpse of the past.

We all knew that Pasar Seni ITB would never ever be either less than full or fantastic. Pasar Seni ITB 2014 kept the record. The publication, the teaser, and even a mobile application called “Mata-Mata Pasar Seni” let us know what to expect. I loved the T-rex made with metal plates near the entrance gate which might have been more magnificent if I could come closer without disturbing people posing around it.

No I wasn’t complaining, I surely expected the crowd, the great decoration, gigantic installations and the cool booths. It was people everywhere, every direction, coming for art by their own definition. Art, people, and the art of getting along with people. And stuck with them for hours while queuing for official merchandise. What I didn’t expect was the rain. Another thing that I didn’t expect was 3 times raining and the seller booths those had not anticipated the rain. When rain fell, things got messy and getting along with people became more like… art.

Well, Let’s meet up there, again, 4 years from now :)


Pasar Seni ITB 2014

Pasar Seni ITB 2014

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Long Distance Birthday Celebration

birthday greeting

Maybe you wonder why I haven’t talked much about Long Distance Marriage (LDM) and maybe you even expect LDM Survival Tips & Trick. At first, I just didn’t want to spread gloominess because unlike broken heart, distance is not something to heal but something to deal with. Writing is therapeutic and I just don’t like the idea of being in therapy, as if I suffer or something like that. I admit it that some nights, I cried because it would be easier if A was there but I was okay again in the morning, went to work and talked with friends. A calls me regularly and it always works. So yeah, it isn’t easy but it’s okay :)

A turned 31 yesterday. Yesteryear I flew from Balikpapan to Jakarta without telling him and knocked his door around 10-11 PM or so (accompanied by my parents outside, a honored spoiled lady I was). The thing is: Egham’s out of my special-surprise-flight radius and apparently out of online-cake-delivery range so I just purchased something from Freya Art, an online handmade gift shop in London and got it sent to Egham. The owner was so kind that she wrote a birthday note on the card :)

Well, actually, he sent me cake with “I miss u, Puti” written on it. I was on training and tried my very best not to cry :’) I bought candles and waited until A got back from univ. We then made little celebration via Skype and blew the candle together. Cute and heartbreaking, wasn’t it?

birthday boy

So, happy birthday again, A :) Keep rockin’!