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Antariksa Safar

Antariksa: Indonesian word for ‘outer space’
Safar, ???: Arabic / Persian word for ‘travel’

It’s been only two weeks and a half since my last post but it’s felt like forever. It also felt surreal, because just three days after Mama passed away, our first son was born. He’s named Antariksa Safar for our hope that he will travel and be humbled by places on Earth and beyond. We hope that his name will remind him that universe is great, that there is sky above the sky, and he’s a stardust to keep on moving.

For my and my husband‘s sky, Antariksa is a rainbow. If it’s not for him and his cries, I think we will still see Mama in every corner of the room. Sometimes I wonder if he were born earlier, he could have met his Nin (Sundanese word for ‘grandma’) but I truly believe that God owns the time and He knows just the best about timing.

So it’s been about two weeks since I started a new journey of motherhood. Some people told me, “Oh wow, I’ve always remembered you as a highschool student blogger.” Well, I say, “Oh wow!” to myself. Although I know that I’m 27 and feeling like 27 (and wise and stable and prepared), when for the first time the baby was brought to my room I really couldn’t help thousands of feelings surged then mixed inside of me: grateful for the uncountable blessings, excited for the future family days outdoor, anxious if I would ever be good enough, even afraid of unlimited possibilities of losing or simply, you know, happy just for being.


Alhamdulillah, Antariksa was born healthy, 3.7kgs and 48cms long

Our dear Antariksa, welcome to the world. We promise that we’ll love you and take care of you. Trust me, Ibu & Abi will do the best and we’re going to have a lot of adventures together! :D


Also with this post, I and my husband would like to thank you all once again for your supports and prayers and good wishes and words via any medium. Everything meant so much for our little family. :)




I hardly ever wrote about this here, that we had been battling with cancer. Mama, my mother in law, had lung cancer that had been spread to her bone and, discovered later, her brain. It was August last year and already on the late stadium when we found out. We decided to fight together, as family. Mama was a cancer survivor a decade ago, why couldn’t she be one again?

She moved to our house and started series of scanning, consultation, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, medicines, days and nights of waiting and staying at the hospital, hours of being trapped in Bekasi-Jakarta traffic jams, everything which we already lost count of. They seemed never-ending and beyond exhausting, but Mama was one of the strongest persons I’ve ever known. She hardly whined and always had great sense of humor (spiced up with sarcasm that made us clicked). She prayed a lot, recited Al-Qur’an, and tried to live the fullest. People believed that we took care and supported her very well, but in a way, it was her that took care of us with love and things that just couldn’t be seen by everyone.

Until about two weeks ago, her condition got worse than the usual low point of her ups and downs. Her spirit was high for waiting another grandson but maybe her body just couldn’t take it anymore. She was barely able to breathe and sit. She got fever. She felt cold. She got tired of talking and sleeping. Last Friday, she went to hospital again and never came home. She passed away last night, naturally and in peace surrounded by her children.

Her body simply stopped working after almost 61 years.

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The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up (and Decluttering!)

Wow, saya sendiri agak kaget masih bisa posting blog hari ini mengingat hari ini adalah H-1 due date saya, dengan kata lain kehamilan saya sudah masuk 40 minggu kurang 1 hari! Berikut penampakan saya dengan si baby bump di minggu ke 39 ini, hihihi. (Jangan tanya naiknya berapa kilo, pokoknya banyak lah! :p)


Mendekati hari H, saya nggak mau membahas soal kehamilan apalagi persalinan. Takutnya makin deg-degan dan panas dingin, hihi. Berhubung semua persiapan sudah dilkukan, jadi hari-hari terakhir ini saya habiskan untuk nonton ulang Meteor Garden via YouTube diselingi dengan membaca.

Berhubung saya nggak mungkin membahas soal Meteor Garden (ya menurut nganaaa~) jadi saya mau membahas soal bukunya Marie Kondo yang amat tersohor itu, ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up’. Berdasarkan info di sampulnya, buku ini sudah terjual 5 juta kopi dalam berbagai bahasa dan untuk versi Bahasa Indonesianya diterbitkan oleh Bentang Pustaka.

Sebetulnya saya sudah punya buku ini sejak tengah tahun, dihadiahkan oleh sahabat saya, Khibran, di kantor. Kami tergabung dalam tim kecil di departemen yang bertugas untuk beberes ruangan kantor. Beberes di sini bukan beberes seperti yang dilakukan office boy setiap hari, tapi lebih ke soal penempatan barang dan refreshing tata letak di ruangan supaya aura kantor terasa lebih lega dan segar. Walaupun saat itu belum membaca soal metode Konmari Method alias metode bebenah ala Marie Kondo, namun saya sudah beberapa kali browsing soal program decluttering. Decluttering sendiri maksudnya membuang barang-barang yang sudah nggak diperlukan dan memenuhi ruangan.

Terdengar sederhana kan? Namun percaya deh, kesumpekan di ruangan banyak terjadi karena penghuninya nggak peduli terhadap barang-barang yang seharusnya dibuang tapi malah ditumpuk, dan lebih celakanya lagi, barang-barang nggak disimpan pada tempatnya masing-masing.

Waktu saya pindah dari Balikpapan kembali ke Bekasi pun saya melakukan proses decluttering dengan ‘meninggalkan’ beberapa kardus barang yang isinya beragam mulai dari pakaian, pernak-pernik, alat-tulis, alat makan, sampai kabel-kabel misterius yang bahkan saya lupa bagian dari gadget apa.

In short, I’m not new at decluttering.

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