Bekerja dengan Ikhlas

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Deeper Thoughts / Work

Banyak sekali pelajaran yang saya dapat dari Ayah saya dalam bekerja. Salah satu yang paling penting dan saya ingat baik-baik adalah bahwa bekerja itu bukan sekedar untuk perusahaan (apalagi untuk bos). Bekerja adalah bentuk aktualisasi diri, creating value (kalau istilah favorit Ayah), atau untuk orang-orang yang lebih agamis; kerja itu ibadah.

Hal tersebut saya jadikan landasan dan membuat kata ‘ikhlas’ dalam bekerja menjadi lebih make sense, serta mengingatkan bahwa ‘We’re living and working, instead of living for working’. Objektif hidup jangan disempitkan sebatas objektif perusahaan apalagi objektif pekerjaan. Tentunya ini juga menghadirkan rasa malu ketika saya tidak bekerja sebaik-baiknya.

Karena semua kebaikan, sekecil apapun, akan kembali kepada kita. Saya yakin itu.

Bismillah. Jumah barakah :)


From Afar

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Music & Lyrics / TRAVEL PHOTOS


You told me ‘boy look the other way’
You told me ‘boy bite your tongue’
Yes that’s not the way,
Yeah that’s not the way
Ah that’s just not the way that friends behave
Ah that’s just not the way that friends behave
Oh no, no, no,
No, no, no, no

You lined me up
Across the room
Two falling sparks
One willing fool
And I, I always knew
That I would love you from afar
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A Soft Spot for Andalusia

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Just Random / Wanderlust

I haven’t been to that many places but I surely can tell it when I really like a place. Well, I like almost every place I’ve traveled but I particularly have these soft spots for Japan and Andalusia. I’ve had this crush on Japan since my earliest memories and I have this confession: every time I see a Japanese I have an urge to compliment that person and the country, “You don’t know how much you guys have been inspiring me. Well, I wish I could just erase my country’s 3.5 worst years when you guys conquered us from our national history.”



However, Andalusia just charmed me all at once. It isn’t only related with my personal interest on Islamic history, architecture and art but also the their blended yet strong Spanish culture. I love the colors and the flamboyant moves I can’t ever imitate. I  simply love the sight of those beautiful and playful people. So when I randomly watched ‘Ocho Apellidos Vascos’ which is also known as ‘Spanish Affair’ on the flight to Jakarta, it boosted my mood instantly. It was about a typical Andalusian guy who fell in love with a typical Basque girl whose father was also a typical pro-independence Basque. This rom-com broke many records in Spain including the most watched movie ever in the country since it brought up the disintegration issue. Having a personal crush on Spain (and internet connection) got me not-that-clueless about the jokes and I laughed a lot. I can’t help to watch it again and repeating the scenes in Sevilla where the bar got Andalusian tiles. :”)


Well, my Sevilla and Granada photos can be seen here and here.