Month: April 2009


I’m a diehard fan of sky. I love it whether it’s bright and clear, blue with white cloud, or even dark with lightning. It’s never wrong. If it’s lousy grey, then blame the city. It’s amazing how it always becomes perfect background for everything. Mountain. Beach. Sea with unlimited horizon. Eiffel tower. Ferris wheel. I also have a crush on everything floating up there. Paperplane. Zeppelin. Balloon. Dandelion. Then there’s no wonder I was so excited about the upcoming Disney-Pixar movie: Up. I saw the trailer a few days ago and fell in love instantly. This film is about a retired 78-year-old balloon salesman who tied thousands of balloon to his home so he could go to South Africa, and unintentionally brought a chubby boyscout who tried to help a bit too much :D More about Up. *** I love the idea of a fatty boy becoming a hero. I love the idea of tying my house to thousands of balloons and fly. Wondering if I could come to Iceland that way :D *** Well. …