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Holiday Yay Yay! :D

Holiday is not officially declared yet, as the GPA is not unofficially announced yet.
But who cares. I’ve already enjoyed it B-)

Finally I have my own baby DSLR, Nikon D60, as my early birthday present. I name him, Okio Lennon, and we’ve already had so much fun! :) I brought him to the rooftop of my place in Bandung, to Tangkuban Perahu, to our family condo in Thamrin, to garden at home; as far as I can take him with me. As far as I can see the sky or the ground :)

Here are some of my first shots :D

And here are the rest of my holiday plans and wishlist:
Jogjakarta! Photo hunting with LFM ITB. Can’t wait, cant wait! MAKING SHORT MOVIE. Me and Ramda. It’ll be titled ‘Seven Wonders‘. I’m writing the script, yay ya yayyy… Going to Dunia Fantasi with GEA. Let’s DO FUN!. Photographing my toys at home. Shopping at Mangga Dua. Meeting old friends: Acuy Vidi, Bele, Wiena Bebeh, Bina, Mba Icha, Duedue, Chita, Amores. Junior high school reunion. Playing more and more with Oktomat and Diana F+. Ultah BBV. Reading that stack of novels I haven’t finished, and maybe the DVDs I haven’t watched.

Well, I’m actually hopping 3 towns, Bandung, Jakarta, Bekasi.
Next week: Jogjakarta.
And hopefully, after that: Pabelokan. I want to see the sea! I want to see the sea! :)

Happy holy holy dayyyy… :D


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  1. wihiii…puti br beli DSLR! putuin aku duunk…
    nampaknya rencana2 liburan lo menarik sekali.

  2. puty says

    ayo ki, gue kan newbie banget nih.. pengen belajar motret orang euy.. photo fashion gitu kan ceritanya.. ahoyy.. :)

    yuk yuk..

  3. puty says

    lensa standar kit aja bond.. (blush)
    hunting yuk, sekalian kopdar.. ajari gue yang newbie ini..
    udah kangen sama ifa.. hehehe.. :D

  4. puty says

    @vanez: how come chaaa… (lol)

    @raras: saatnya merencanakan hunting bareng, ras.. :D

    @seggaf: oiya, lupa laporan. makasih ya seggaf atas rekomendasinya. mantap deh. kalau lensa kayanya belom dulu deh.. hehehe, masih fokus ke lomo.. heheheh… :D

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