Month: August 2009

Actually Film-Making is Not Really My Thing, but I’m Writing

Trust me I have so many drafts about how my long holiday was O-V-E-R, about how glad I am everytime this holly Ramadhan comes, and my other deep thoughts. However, I’ve been ummm, pretty-busy-lately to wrap those drafts. It’s not that I want to sound so important or workaholic. It’s just, I’m excited about too many things including my new 7 subjects in campus (if you wonder what subjects am I taking, they are, ummm, geological :P Such as: Structural Geology, or Principles of Stratigraphy). Beside academic stuff, I’m also very very very excited about my freelance jobs in GADIS magazine. Wowww, I’m making some nice new friends :) Actually there are still many things I haven’t told, but well, let’s just skip them. I’m just telling you my very next excitement: I’m writing a script for a short film! :D It’s titled: Seven Wonders. Seven Wonders Chris and Irene. Both had the same favorite menu and watched the same venue. Both were writers and caffeinated. Both were loners and loved to wonder. But they …