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Actually I have one or two drafts to post, but they are not that finished yet. So I’ll just come short.

I’ve just got back from Comic monthly event. Was invited by mas Amal. The theme was about photoblogging with Budi Sukmana and Eric Setiawan as the speakers. Well, I had previously talked a bit about this with mas Budi when we met for 15-rolls-of-KodakEktachrome100PLUS/EPP transaction :P This evening we talked more in group (so nice to meet Pak Budi Rahardjo eventually) :)

We talked about what the real photoblogging is. They showed many photoblogs, and told many out-of-the-box non-commercial photo projects. Like 2 people separately took pictures at the same time, and joined the pictures up. Wonderful! :D

What I could conclude is that photoblogging is not about taking perfect photos, with perfect composition, and perfect lighting. It’s about how you blog with photos. How you story-tell with photos. Even if the picture was blur, maybe it could tell that you had been in such unstable situation, or maybe, you had been laughing a bit too happily at that time. In this case he is my current favorite. WOW!

The meeting brought sooooo much inspiration for me, and maybe for all who attended. I already have some ideas on my mind. Fab! :D


Okay. While waiting for my upcoming personal project (not to mention prewedding lomo shots *evilsmirk at diki*), you can check my own Photoblog, in ;) I don’t know but I love the name, with “Oh!” in front of it. Sounds exciting :D

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  2. Hi Puty :) akhirnya ketemu juga ya. senang sekali ya kemarin bisa ketemu banyak orang. kemarin juga jadi pengalaman pertama saya & Budi jadi pembicara. sejak mulai photoblog di tahun 2005, baru kali ini saya lihat orang sebanyak kemarin antusias dengan photoblog (&photography). cool!

    akhirnya nemu Yamasakiko-ji ya? :) nanti saya akan share link-link lainnya yang ga kalah keren.

    btw, photoblognya keren lho. inspiring :)

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  4. puty says

    @eric: iya mas, ternyata mereka semuanya excited ya. dan excited difoto pake lomo :D

    Yamasakiko-ji nya juga aku dapet linknya dari mas Budi. keren banget! mau lagi ya link-link photoblog sejenis yaaa… :D

    oiya, terima kasih sudah berkunjung ke oh photos.. :) :) :)

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  6. Salam

    Ini menjawab, mengapa fotoku yang blur, tidak jelas, dan berbagai macam kekuranagn lainnya menjadi menarik dan dikomentari bagus oleh kawan-kawanku

    Hehehe…mari membuat cerita dibalik foto!:-)

    Salam FUNtastic


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  11. Hi. I was looking for some nice photoblog, and then I found this web. Nice to meet u. Dont hesitate to give a visit back… :D

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