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Actually Film-Making is Not Really My Thing, but I’m Writing

Trust me I have so many drafts about how my long holiday was O-V-E-R, about how glad I am everytime this holly Ramadhan comes, and my other deep thoughts. However, I’ve been ummm, pretty-busy-lately to wrap those drafts.

It’s not that I want to sound so important or workaholic. It’s just, I’m excited about too many things including my new 7 subjects in campus (if you wonder what subjects am I taking, they are, ummm, geological :P Such as: Structural Geology, or Principles of Stratigraphy). Beside academic stuff, I’m also very very very excited about my freelance jobs in GADIS magazine. Wowww, I’m making some nice new friends :)

Actually there are still many things I haven’t told, but well, let’s just skip them. I’m just telling you my very next excitement:

I’m writing a script for a short film! :D

It’s titled: Seven Wonders.

Seven Wonders

Seven Wonders
Chris and Irene. Both had the same favorite menu and watched the same venue. Both were writers and caffeinated. Both were loners and loved to wonder. But they didn’t know that much to pair their loneliness. Even just to wonder together.

Somehow, not being together didn’t make them not-a-pair.
Because God was always on the timeline.

A short film by Ramda Yanurzha, written by Puti Karina Puar. Starring Rara Sekar Larasati and Ben Laksana.
Coming soon, on October 2009.

Okay, let me write a bit about this.

At the very first place, Ramda, my partner-in-crime, invited me to join up with him, making a short film. Actually, film-making is not really my thing, but I love writing. I thought it would be nice to try scriptwriting. (well, I was right!)

Then I wrote the script. In English. I don’t know, but I’m not Goenawan Mohamad who can write in Bahasa Indonesia without being exaggeratedly poetic or cheesy. I know my English is not that good, but I took the risk.

It was about a girl (Irene) and a guy (Chris) who loved to wonder about many things. They both were writers. They visited the same restaurant, sat on the same site, looked through the same window, but they never met. They lived on the same place in different era.

So glad that many people like it (well, umm, it was actually Ramda who showed the script to our friends. I hardly talked that I was writing a script :P). The script (or, the story idea) also successfully brought Ramda to be a finalist of LA Lights Indie Movie short story competition from Bandung.

Well, currently, we’re on progress of this short film.
It’s quite unbelievable, since I’m NOT into movies. Actually Ramda takes care of almost all things. But I helped a lot :D I drew and designed the poster. I even became the tallentspotter :D

Uh. Please wish this-short-film luck.
Actually, I always have this little worry: getting bored of working on this.
Wish me luck then.

And in case you’re interested about this short film, you can visit or follow its tumblr, and its Facebook Page.


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Puty Puar. F/28. Indonesian. Working at home mom, blogger, illustrator, book author & enthusiast. Also a small business owner. Contact her through puti [dot] karina [dot] puar [at] gmail [dot] com.


  1. wah mantaps nih,, short movies writer,, ditunggu tayangannya :D terus berkarya n tentunya terus menulis hehe, salam kenal… salam blogger

  2. I do love your script, put. Kemarin aku baru baca yang draft 2. Aku suka sekali dialog2nya. Did you just pour some of you into the characters? Tak sabar menunggu hasilnya nanti. Btw, aku pengen liat castnya. Hehe..

  3. Writers, caffeinated, loners and loved to wonder…


    *menghela nafas dalam*

    Eniweeyy geb, aku kok gak dikirimin sekrip yang in inglish-nya? :(

  4. wah keren2, lanjutkan perjoeanganmu Puty!
    suka dengan design cover-nya

    berasa jadi tokoh dalam film pendek ini ya? :P

  5. @rizal: minimal teasernya sih pasti, zal. *ga mau kalah sama Marshanda :P*

    @tris: sip tris :D

    @gichie: we go gichie! kaata rara kalau bosen, kita main DDR dulu aja.. haghaghag..

    @hendra lesmana: hehe, sama-sama :D

    @cupris: heheh, iya, mudah2an draft 3 udah bisa jadi fixed cup.. hihi, dan castnya karakternya persis lohhh… *talentspotter :P*

    @raras: bener ya rassss… asik asik..

    @poetra: hahaha, iya ya geb. kayak kita gitu ya.. ;P kamu mau scriptnya emang? nanti aku kirimin dehh.. :D

    @ihwan: huaaa, makasih wan. itu gambar tangan gue gitu lohh.. *apasih :P* nanti tayangin pas kopdar bbv. hag hag hag..

  6. puti, gue tampaknya melihat ciri khas lo dan ramda di scriptnya deh, maybe that’s why the script is very unique and lovely, because both of you really pour out all of your effort into that and give out your very best on doing the script :)
    *sotoy abis*

    but hey, who am i to judge? i really wish the movie will succeed! congratulations!

    tugas end min woooyyyyy (doh)

  7. puty selalu bikin iri, berbakat banget sih kamu..

    semoga menang yah nak!!

    …dan jangan merasa bosan terlalu cepat :P

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