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Actually I’ve been thinking of writing about postcards since I joined Postcrossing. I knew site from Devishanty. Postcrossing, in short, can be described by its tagline,“send a postcard and receive a postcard back from a random person somewhere in the world!”.
Just visit the link to know more about this very very nice project :)

Although I spend most of my life in front of the computer with internet connection plugged in, but my heart goes analogue. I prefer handwriting to typed-text, I write my schedule in a schedule book made of paper, I can’t live without drawing pen, and I’m a fan of Lomo, which is all way analogue :D I love letters, and greeting cards, and postcards. I’ve been always too lazy to send them, but I DO love them. I keep all letters and greeting cards I received inside a box as a treasure.

There is something different about receiving words those are real. Words those are still there when the electricity goes off. Words those traveled some distance before arriving in our doors. Words those take time and patience :)

I joined Postcrossing and wrote “I want to travel around the world with an hot air balloon” in my profile and sent my first 2 postcards, which meant I deserved to receive 2 random postcards from random countries from random people. I received my first one on July which is from Brussels. After that, I didn’t send any, or receive any.

Yesterday I received my second one.

Do you believe in coincidences? Yes or no, I’d still call myself Miraculous.

I’m always interested into old European cities. Even though I have never been to any of those, I, umm, I like to see the photos those are taken in old cities. I like to see the lonely statues, the elegant buildings, the streets with Caucasian and coffee and bakeries. And one day, I saw a truly beautiful picture in GettyImages. Here is the picture.


The caption tells it is an old city called Riga in Latvia. I fell in love with the picture of Riga. I browsed Wikipedia, I browsed, and browsed, and saved some pictures. I put them in folder: “inspirational > ingin kesini > Riga” (‘ingin kesini‘ are Indonesian words. they mean ‘I want to go to this place’.)

I want to go to Riga someday! :)

And my very second postcard is from Riga, Latvia.

It’s from Digna S.
She said:

“Hello Puty,
When you will travel around the world in your hot air balloon, please be careful flying through Riga, because we have this monument of Freedom. =)

Best wishes & happy postcrossing! d.”


Thank you very much! :)

One postcard. One from many, from many cities, of many countries.
One from a city I’ve been particularly daydreaming about. From one of its 713,016 citizens.

Do you believe in coincidences? Yes or no, postcards are miraculous.
Try to send one, and when you receive one, tell your story, and tell me. :)


Well, and because this is Batik Day, I’d like to say, “Happy Batik Day!”
Long live batik. We all love you ?

Beside wearing it, today I made 3 batik postcards (with real Batik fabric) for Postcrossing. They will be sent to Finland, USA, and China. What do you think? :)


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  1. great idea! batik postcard!! it’s like you’re promoting batik while postcrossing!! cooolll!!


  2. digna says

    That’s so nice story. :)) I’m very happy that you were pleasantly surprised.

  3. (woot) *nongol* wah ada nama gue disebut haha

    hua udah lama ga ngirim lagi nih. menjawab pertanyaan ‘Do you believe in coincidences?’, gue dapet postcard bergambar serigala dari seseorang di canada.. I always love wolves, padahal ga nulis itu di profile postcrossing hehehehehehehe.. apeu ah

    iya put idem ma iebud gue juga mau dong postcard batiknya :D

  4. I hope you get loads more postcards! I’ve been a member for years and I love it! Totally addicted now.

  5. Hi Puty, I join postcrossing after reading this post.

    I’ve sent and received some postcards. Thanks for writing this. And I love your words: “There is something different about receiving words those are real. Words those are still there when the electricity goes off. Words those traveled some distance before arriving in our doors. Words those take time and patience”.
    Ijin ngutip buat buat menjawab pertanyaan “Postcard? Hari gini?”

    Thanks. ;)

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  7. Hi Puty..
    Thanks for your information about postcrossing
    I’ve joined after read this post..because I also like ‘post world’ and I’m a phylatelic since I was in junior high school :)
    I also have a dream around the world with hot air balloon esp. in Europe and Japan..
    and my dream becomes bigger when I joined in training international with Austrian Students three months ago..
    They told me about many cities in Europe and esp. old buildings ^^

    Nice to meet you..
    Iker Casillas fans too ;)

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