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Treasure & Confession


Look what I found lying in 50% OFF section at Aksara Plaza Indonesia:

Saint Exupery: Art, Writings, and Musings
by Nathalie des Vallieres

I love books and I love being surrounded by them. I love being in libraries, being in bookstores. My father does too. He loves books. We love and collect them the way lepidopterists collect butterflies and moths. We spend a lot to love and collect them; money, time, space.

I love books and I love buying them, bringing them home, and being close with them. They cheer me up. They keep me safe. Safe from loneliness, safe from having nothing to do, which I’m so afraid about. And I’m safe. I always have something to do each day, and then I start to have many things to do each day. Writing, photography, meeting people, learning about the mother Earth. Then I start to have too many things to do that I can’t really keep my books safe in return. I can’t keep them safe from loneliness, I can’t keep them safe from having nothing to do but filling up the spaces of my room.

I love books and I love their stillness and their patience, and how they wait for me. With the truth, or their dreams inside.

Trust me, after 2 weeks of not posting, I have a stack of lines to tell. Whether you’re listening (well, reading, I mean) or not, I’m gonna mention them all on the next post. Because you have to wait. I’m a half analogue.

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