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Happy Blogger Day! :)

Happy (belated) Blogger Day! :)

It should be yesterday but I didn’t know what I should have posted to celebrate it. It’s unlike a birthday when you can make wishes, or have sparkling cakes. It’s unlike a wedding day when you can tell about how much you are nervous and happy and in love. It’s unlike Kartini day that everybody should wear particular costume, in this case, for example, wearing modem as statement necklace.

It’s Blogger Day because the minister of communication and information declared so, in the first Pesta Blogger this date two years ago. I didn’t attend the previous twos (2007 & 2008), so I decided to come this year. Pesta Blogger 2009. And it felt like a reunion. Reunion with good old friends. ‘Old friends’ because we talked about ‘those good old days’. It is called ‘those good old days’, not because our days are not good anymore. It has just changed a lot.

After 7 years, some of us stay, and some quit. A few have gone famous and succesful. Many have got married, and the rest have got drunk. I left my teenage years and I grow up. It has just changed a lot. How I write, and how I mention myself. How I read other blogs, and how people read mine. How we define ‘blogger’, how we define ‘blogging’.

Good old friends’, because we’ve been friends through these changes :) :)

And here are some pictures of Pesta Blogger 2009 I took with my Fish Eye camera (well, yeah, call it Lomo):

bersama KDRI :D
With Stormtrooper from KDRI :D

La La La :P
Stay young and healthy! :P

Bersama Ichanx
Don’t we look like geologists? :P

bersama Lala
With Lala. Finally we met! :) :)

BBV, as always, hehe :D

So, happy (belated) Blogger Day, everyone!

Let’s blog. Let’s start, and restart :)

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  1. Efek fisheye dhis!:-)..sayang aq ndak ikud gabung di Smesco..:-(..gara2 L.A indiefest sialan itu..T.T *nangis darah*

  2. hello blogeoliss, blog geologis geulis.. hehe.. blogwalking here.. nice blog, salam,


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