Month: November 2009

What is It About Christmas?

December is coming, and the malls (I have to admit that I love going to malls, and this is a confession) start to be decorated with red and green and fake snowflakes. Fake plastic trees, and fake Santa Claus. Candies and cookies are wrapped in bell-shaped boxes, and fake mistletoe are hung on the ceilings and in front of the doors. Christmas songs are on the air. I don’t celebrate Christmas, but I like it when it is coming. Even many things are fake, welcome, December.

The Death of Postal Service

Yesterday I received my 6th postcard from Russia of Postcrossing, and this morning I tested myself: draw a postman. Here’s what I drew: I don’t know why I drew this kind of postman, with blond hair and pale complexion, and blue uniform, instead of Indonesian postman with orange and grey uniform, with helmet and the motorcycle. Maybe I drew this, because I haven’t seen real postmen that much, and I won’t see them that often in the future, I bet. I watch cartoons, and I read comics: those are how I get the impression of a postman. And you? When someone says “postman”, what would pop up on your mind? How would you describe it to your grandchildren, if they ask you to tell the fairytale of postal service? If they ask you to tell your analogue past, and our good old days under the ozone layer which was just starting to disappear. There will be time when people stop using envelope and stamp, the way Polaroid abandoned instant photography last year. There will be …

Smell (revised)

When I was a kid, I once was asked, if I had to give up one from five senses I have, which one I would give up. I answered: smell. I’d be blind without my sight, and deaf, without my hearing. But what’s so bad about not being able to feel the odors of life? Ever since, I underestimated it, yes, my sense of smell. Like I wouldn’t suffer if I didn’t have it. Then lately, as the rain poured, and damped the ground, creating one of the best scent on Earth, I’ve been wondering: how amazing the sense of smell, built in our nervous system. How we can’t do scent-recording, but how the smell sometimes can be the best memories keeper. The best memories keeper we can’t handle. And we don’t need something like negative rolls of films, or ribbons in cassettes to keep them close to our present or future. They are just nowhere closest to somewhere. And because aromas, are personal, that we can’t even keep them in words. My elementary school. …