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The Death of Postal Service

Yesterday I received my 6th postcard from Russia of Postcrossing, and this morning I tested myself: draw a postman.

Here’s what I drew:

I don’t know why I drew this kind of postman, with blond hair and pale complexion, and blue uniform, instead of Indonesian postman with orange and grey uniform, with helmet and the motorcycle. Maybe I drew this, because I haven’t seen real postmen that much, and I won’t see them that often in the future, I bet. I watch cartoons, and I read comics: those are how I get the impression of a postman.

And you?
When someone says “postman”, what would pop up on your mind?

How would you describe it to your grandchildren, if they ask you to tell the fairytale of postal service? If they ask you to tell your analogue past, and our good old days under the ozone layer which was just starting to disappear. There will be time when people stop using envelope and stamp, the way Polaroid abandoned instant photography last year. There will be time when postcard becomes an artifact, and people can’t read the history without electricity. There will be time where quizzes by post sounds as far as us now with ancient Egypt.

We’re near the brink. Postal service, sooner or a bit later, is fading away. Let’s try to enjoy it. Try to send a birthday card to your grandma, try to do Postcrossing, try to send a letter to your best friend in other city. It’s nice. I’m not telling you to go back there, I’m just suggesting you to look back. It’s like using Lomo in this digital era.

If a couple years to come your future daughter is lucky enough, tell her to go post office, and come inside. Tell her to send a postcard for me. Introduce her to a postman, and let her remember what kind of man a postman is.

I decided to make a place on tumblr for my postcards, sent and received. Visit it on Deltiology is the study and collection of postcards.
And if you want to postcard-exchange with me, just email me :)

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  1. nice post, Puty!

    untuk layanan surat-menyurat lewat kantor pos sebetulnya blm benar-benar mati, karena masih ada sekelompok orang yang memang masih setia menggunakan jasa kurir pak pos ini! (kamu dan temanmu ini salah satunya)

    ide yang menarik, kalau aku punya anak ingetin buat kirim kartu pos buatmu ya Put :P

  2. sebenernya jasa pos belum mati kok, aplikasi lamaran kerja masih banyak yang pakai pos, kuis di majalah dan angket juga kirim via pos, kirim barang juga lewat pos.

    kalau aku punya anak paling aku ceritain, kalau kirim barang mending pake jasa JNE daripada pos indonesia lebih cepet sampai dan barang terdokumentasi :P

  3. nice picture…

    kalo hanya sekedar bertukar kabar, email lebih cepet rasanya…. hehehehe

    salam kenal ya,


  4. @ihwan dan iks
    iya, memang belum mati kok. tapi kita nggak tau, berapa lama lagi akan tetap hidup kan? :)

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