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What is It About Christmas?

December is coming, and the malls (I have to admit that I love going to malls, and this is a confession) start to be decorated with red and green and fake snowflakes. Fake plastic trees, and fake Santa Claus. Candies and cookies are wrapped in bell-shaped boxes, and fake mistletoe are hung on the ceilings and in front of the doors. Christmas songs are on the air.

I don’t celebrate Christmas, but I like it when it is coming.

Even many things are fake, welcome, December.

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  1. huaaaa aku juga acuuy
    j’adore le decembre avec les neiges et legolas. hihi
    akan lucu juga kalo nonton dvd film2 natal macem bridget jones gitu cuy, minum coklat panas, haaa

    semoga UAS cepat berakhir ya Allah :)

  2. yes, christmas means it the end of the year, and that means it’s almost 2010, and it means 2009 has gone… another year gone so fast, keknya 2009 masih butuh 3 bulan lagi enaknya, LoL

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