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“Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans”
-John Lennon

If I had to choose the most memorable line from Raditya Dika, it would be, “Time doesn’t fly, it warps!” Simply because it’s so true. It’s already our last ten days in 2009. Another beautiful year, and I’d say, this is my second most favorite year (after 2007) of my whole life. A lot of things happened; a lot of missions were accomplished, and a million blessings were poured.

Most points in my ‘what-are-worth-to-be-dying-for’ list were checked.

Joining Himpunan Mahasiswa Teknik Geologi ‘GEA’ Institut Teknologi Bandung, checked. Joining Liga Film Mahasiswa Institut Teknologi Bandung, checked. GPA > 3.5 of 4, checked. Blogging back, checked. Being a freelancer and earning some coins for my saving checked. Letting my hair grows long, checked. Learning photography (plus owning a DSLR, and 3 Lomos that I love love love them very much), checked.

The rests were left unchecked.

Like losing weights (duh!), and reading 50 books (but I bought stacks of books this year :D), and learning French, and learning to drive, and doing more cooking, and some other else.

And rain is never a plan.

The earthquakes. My father got light stroke. My grandmother, and Yogie, my classmate passed away. I had conflicts with my relatives. I did heartbreaking and got heartbroken (duh, yes). I broke many promises just because I was too busy, or too tired being busy. I also failed on flying.

Twelve months after every New Year, my monthly planner agenda becomes such a kaleidoscope. A mirror tunnel with small pieces of memories in various colors. Happiness, friends, assignments, exams, trips, responsibilities, promises, downfalls, tears, love, meetings, deadlines, celebrations, and anything else. Making patterns then leaving lessons about life.

Now it’s already the time to make new year resolutions, and ‘what-are-worth-to-be-dying-for’ list. Time to build another mirror tunnel and be ready to create new future memories. Time to learn more about life.

One of my life-lesson about this year:
We, people, love to plan. But we can’t plan to love.

I know that I’m truly blessed. I can’t thank God much enough. I would have to spend every single minute to praise Him, and it would still be not enough. Luckily we don’t literally have to (I mean, praising Him every single minute).

But here, I’d like to say:

Alhamdulillaahi rabbil-‘aalamiin.
All Praises to God, Lord/Cherisher/Sustainer of the Universe.

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  1. Desember tuh bulan panik, banyak agenda 2009 terlewatkan & coba disikat di minggu2 terakhir -_-

    Itu planner tgl 22 jadinya uas put? bukannya foto2 gads.. *ditendang* Heheu *kekeuh*

  2. @diki: sebenernya sih gue mau gitu dik, tapi gabisa sama sekali nyikat bagian target turun berat badan 5 kilo.. :P
    dik, sekali lagi ngingetin UAS gue siapin penggorengan sama tepung ayam goreng loh ya! [-(

    @desieria: wahhhh, sepertinya cumlaude terlalu muluk-muluk.. aku baru dapet segituan pas udah masuk jurusan. pas TPB soalnya nasib dua koma, jadi harus dibalas saat-saat sekarang.. hihi.. salam kenal ya desii.. blognya menarik :) :)

  3. “And rain is never a plan.”
    Tetapi selalu ada pelangi selepas hujan :)

    Anw, gambar2nya lucu2, suka ;;)

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