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My Private Press Conference: December, April, Copeland, Whatever Would Last


Hello December. I’m introducing you to April. The month with wordless days and still felt good. The one without beautiful sad songs and I still felt like myself. Some ultra short distances trip without space rocket.

April was not easy, December. I’ve been thinking a lot (grammatically means that I’m still thinking at this very moment, well, yes, but less). Maybe because I’m always a thinker, and never a dancer. I’m stiff. And it’s got to be strong to touch my heart through its shell, quoting Copeland. Oh, talking about Copeland, I know they broke up and are going on a farewell tour, but I still listen to them. Copeland said a lot of definitions I left myself unsaid, like, “Eat, Sleep, Repeat” (my definition of holiday), or “Strange and Unprepared” (one of my favorite self-definitions). And they told, “when they come knocking on your heart’s door, choose the one who loves you more,”. It worked; unfortunately, I never found their further definition of ‘love’.

Well, back to you, December, I was scared. I was scared of misinterpretation. How I risked such thing I really appreciate, for something I hardly knew, and hardly believed. What if it was only fake cherry blossom aroma around us? What if it lasted less than 30 days? I repeated it for you: April was not easy. It is karma.

Then I’m still introducing you to April, December. Because it once ended, and had to begin again. I took the risk, and listened to Copeland. Once again, they defined it, where April is: On The Safest Ledge. I would try. We would go around the town, take a lot of pictures, and live ordinarily. Ordinary, but special.

It is karma.

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  1. “..you’d break your neck to keep your chin up”
    taon baru euy, keep your chin up! ^^ *yayaya ngecopeland juga*

  2. the good thing is years never ended, and the important one is the whole year not ended in the new year eve even for April and Desember.
    every things have its time, time to learn, time to trust, time to understand and time to accept


  3. hi Putty..nice to meet you..
    I’m an Iker Casillas holic too..like U..
    I want to be a follower of U’bLog..but I cann’t aplicate it..
    Can U help me???
    tp blog Q msh sdikit..cz Q hapus smw posting lama :p

    trnyata Qta sama Lho..pnyuka Ikersjak jaman PD2002

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