Year: 2010

3. Stay in The Grey Area

My rules about being right: 1. Don’t ever try to define it, because it was a sphere. It has one side, but you can’t see the whole of it, unless you are big enough. 2. It is not about making everyone happy. 3. Stay in the grey area, 4. “Don’t get it right, just get it written” —James Thurber (American Writer, 1894-1961)


Another year has passed since I wrote this. Actually, I don’t feel like reviewing 2010 because it is too fabulous to be written in such little space with such forgetful mind but let’s give it a try, at least, the highlights. January. I got interviewed in E-Lifestyle Metro TV together with Mas Koen. Haha. February. My boyfriend’s birthday. <– Should it be highlighted? :P March. Congress of Liga Film Mahasiswa ITB and then officially stated as public relation manager. April. 1)  Featured in a photo exhibition of Festival April 2010 by Institut Ungu in Goethe Haus, Jakarta. I took the photos with Diana, a plastic film camera (that gave me the real self-satisfaction :D) 2) Started to have a beloved new family, functionaries of LFM ITB 2010/2011; Hardi, Hakim, Keni, Dinoy, Beya, Japir, Pii, Ai, Cebi, Panjie, Feni, Sari. It was quite hard for a kinda self-centered person like me to really get into this, but this family built me a home. Mei. The annual meeting of LFM ITB. June. Went to Karangsambung for field …