Month: January 2010

Try to Put Yourself in Someone Else’s Shoes

For a materialist, I’m pretty idealistic (no, I’m not mocking Paramore). Maybe some of you, who have been reading my blog for a year, more or less, know that I think and write in swordlike words, plus innuendos. About consumerism, or being trendy or being cheesy or even about definite individuals. Like this, or this, or dozens more tweets and under-160-characters type of posts. I know a lot of people were offended. A few protested and countered, and some might disliked me silently (or maybe not, and it’s just me). I maybe sound so skeptical, but it doesn’t mean that I never regret my words. It doesn’t mean that I’m happy being a cynical person. I try to tell my version of truth, but sometimes it turns me unwise. I wish I were wiser. And the best way, I can think, to be wise is trying to put myself in someone else’s shoes as much as possible. — Putting yourself in someone else’s shoes is an idiomatic expression. It’s meaning is that you should consider other …


Hello world!

‘Hello world!’ is the default title of the very first post when we start blogging with WordPress. Well, quite representative because it’s true: the second you start owning your blog, “BAM!”, you’re instantly world-class publisher. You say hello, and you greet the world, but whether people would read it or not, would say hello back to you or not, it really depends on you. I was interviewed in E-Lifestyle program in Metro TV this afternoon. Me, and Mas Koen. We talked about blogging, macro-blogging (oh yes, ‘macro’ is just for dramatizing the difference between blogging and plurking or twittering or even worse, facebooking :P), whether it’s already been defeated by the charm of 140 characters limited posts or not. Whether it’s still worth it to strike back or not. Well, you can see the full interview in, I won’t retell about it in here. Being on TV was somewhat exciting :D But not that much. Well, as I’ve always said, I’m more like behind-the-lens type. The second reason is: I don’t watch TV. I …

Because “A goal without a plan is just a wish,” Larry Elder Said.

If you come to my room here in Bandung, you’d see a lot of words. Surrounding, and motivational. Burning, but soothing. Well, there are some reasons why I put them all on my walls so I can see them on day and they can see me at night:  1) Because I have a lot of things to do; a lot of things to accomplish. Yes, a lot of goals and a lot of plans. 2) Because I love words, and I love being surrounded by them. 3) Because I’m forgetful. :D So, here I am, 2010. Ready with my words :)