Month: March 2010

I am just like everyone in this phase.

It’s been 2 weeks since my last post. I actually have many things to write, but then, I get busier everyday. Being busy is not an equal of being important, but somehow, I enjoy it. I just sometimes, worry whether I’ve turned myself into such shark, poor things that die when they stop moving. Well as I said before, what am I busy about is not as big as developing nuclear technology or fighting poverty. I am just like everyone. Here and now is a phase when everyone is becoming someone. My friends are becoming chairmen or president or coordinator or head of bla bla bla. I decided to follow them: taking a part, and learning to handle responsibilities in a part of my life phase. So I started becoming the public relation manager of LFM ITB, from last week. LFM ITB stands for Liga Film Mahasiswa Institut Teknologi Bandung. Here, we all love films and photography as much as blueberry cheesecake :D And if you do too, loving films and photography as much as …

Promise Me Then

Promise me we will go to see the geyser, stay for a while, and you will name your son Harrison. Promise me I will have no worry about consuming sugar, drawing on the wall, missing my high-school friends, owning more camera, or running a little vintage bookshop. Promise me you will graduate, and when I […]