Month: April 2010

Database of Strangers

Last night was the opening of Festival April 2010 including the exhibition I’m taking part in. I had mentioned about this once, and sorry for being too excited about it that I would mention it again. O-ho. I was too excited that I skipped classes (which is pretty unhabitual) for two days so I could attend it. I know it wasn’t THAT big, but I couldn’t resist the tempt to peek at the different dimension other than X, Y, or Z: non-commercial-art-and-cultural-thingy. Where the people are great, much bigger than their heads. They live based on their eagerness of living, and I can’t really guess whether money really matters or not. I met them, and they amazed me. They have the charm: the real artists are the real indie people, and they drink a lot (which I don’t). I have strong admiration on them; because they do what they are eager to, while I plan to make holes on Earth, seeking for oil and gas of million dollars. Eventually, none of us is wrong. What …