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Database of Strangers

Last night was the opening of Festival April 2010 including the exhibition I’m taking part in. I had mentioned about this once, and sorry for being too excited about it that I would mention it again. O-ho.

I was too excited that I skipped classes (which is pretty unhabitual) for two days so I could attend it. I know it wasn’t THAT big, but I couldn’t resist the tempt to peek at the different dimension other than X, Y, or Z: non-commercial-art-and-cultural-thingy. Where the people are great, much bigger than their heads. They live based on their eagerness of living, and I can’t really guess whether money really matters or not.

I met them, and they amazed me. They have the charm: the real artists are the real indie people, and they drink a lot (which I don’t). I have strong admiration on them; because they do what they are eager to, while I plan to make holes on Earth, seeking for oil and gas of million dollars. Eventually, none of us is wrong.

What an interesting life.

After all, I feel like collecting a database of people. Database of strangers, and I befriended some. Database which can be sorted by anything: hobby & interest, job, personality, age, music they listen, or how they treat me. Geeky, artsy, ordinary guy, wannabe (my least favorite). Student, once-a-student, journalist-also-photographer, seven-to-five worker, freelancer. Jerk, rich, famous, rich and famous, jerks and rich and also famous. Who underestimates me, who overrates me, who doesn’t give even the slightest damn.

I’m still not good at meeting new people. I still worry a lot about being overacting, overreacting, or annoying. But as my database grows, I start to learn that people are the same: they are different. As my database grows wider and longer, I grow wiser.

“Mendamba Tubuh”
Goethe Haus, Jakarta
13 – 16 April 2010 dan 21 – 27 April 2010

Pembukaan : 13 April 2010, pukul 19.00
Artist talk : 16 April 2010, pukul 19.00

Ade Kusumaningrum
Agan Harahap
Aiko URfia Rakhmi
Eki Rahajeng
Evelyn Pritt
Imelda Mandala
Keke Tumbuan
M. Firman Ichsan
Mitu M. Prie
Nico Dharmajungen
Meninaputri Wismurti
Puty Karina Puar


Pameran ini terselenggara sebagai bagian dari Festival April yang diadakan oleh Institut Ungu. Institut Ungu adalah kelompok perempuan yang bekerja untuk isu penyadaran hak perempuan dan datang dari berbagai latar belakang diantaranya aktivis perempuan, pekerja seni budaya, pengajar dan peneliti. Sejak 2003, Institut Ungu memperingati hari Kartini dengan mengadakan Festival April yang merupakan perayaan kreativitas dan pemikiran kaum perempuan yang digelar untuk masyarakat luas melalui pertunjukan atau pameran seni, diskusi publik dan orasi kebudayaan.

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  1. “I had mentioned about this once, and sorry for being too excited about it that I would mention it again. O-ho.”

    i think blogger have the right to mention big things in our life a thousand times in our blog, hehehe.

  2. I recognize some of the strangers in your database, I’ve meet some too. They’re cool people, and having this exhibition with them infact is really cool.

    Congrats ya geb. I really hope that I can be there and take a snapshot of your happy face, but maybe later :)

    Again, congrats ya, geb :)

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