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The Popped-Up Joy

One of the pop-up cards I made for Ais.

I learned the concept of making pop-up paper craft a few years ago; the simplest one. It was my best friend, Noumi, who made the card (full of Iker Casillas’ pictures cut from newspaper and magazine) for me after reading the tutorial on Gogirl! magazine. Later, I started making pop-up cards for everyone (one of them is Ramda) :D

I wouldn’t write any tutorial in here. My tips is to check here for the basic mechanism, and here for the more advance tutorial, and if you may go googling and end up with hundreds amazing forms of this kind of paper work.

I may only guess what makes pop-up card so special.

It is: the surprise. Because when we receive a folded card, we would expect writing or picture or well, maybe lips mark (duh); something 2 dimensional. Then, ‘tadaaa!’, pop-up card delivers it in 3 dimensions. So, can you see the point? It is about being something more than what is expected.

What else? Simply, it is handmade.

Anyhow, I’ve spilled one of my analog best trick. Why don’t you try? And stop doing the birthday greeting for your important people via Facebook ;)

“It’s a juried show. We look at the crafts and make sure they are handmade. We try to be careful about the balance so we have a mix of everything.”

– Deanna Anderson

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  1. this is absolutely, nice, puty :D
    i like how you blend the colors, your excellent scratches into a folded card.
    i read the basic, the mechanism, but yours is outrageous.
    this is absolutely nice ;)

  2. iren says

    lucu-lucu kak hehe
    coba ah, kan lumayan ga usah beli kartu ulangtaun :)

  3. Dear Puty,

    Thanks for the information you’ve shared. It’s very informative and yet creative…
    cannot wait to try it…

  4. Olga says

    Put! Just got mine today! Oh my, it’s so cute! LOVE it. Totally love it. Thanks heaps, dear.

    Much Love,

    Olga S.

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