Month: June 2010

Nature’s Law

While people are doing great things for holiday (like going to Turkey or holding a youths-meet-up to change the world), I am, spending a half of my holiday in a country where rock beds are not so shy to tell their tales. Here, in Karangsambung, they tell their stories and I’m learning how to read them: rocks and outcrops, hills and rivers; judging and labeling them. They don’t mind though. They have many secrets kept inside; buried and hidden. Beautiful. Each day, I get closer to nature, at heart. When I sit by the river, walking along the little paths of rice fields, or hiking the hills, I feel like living honesty. A honest and fair life. Unlike a big city, the mountain treats everyone the same. They don’t care whether you have limo; even if you have money to buy the whole area, you still have to hike. The river flows with constant velocity; it will not give any damn about how small, or how big you think you are. The snakes and caterpillars …


‘Hi’ from Kebumen! :D Ooo… Karangsambung… O o o… Karangsambung… Bangun pagi-pagi mandi pun harus antri WC mampet banyak cabe mengambang Palu dan kompas ayo segera disiapkan Berangkat ke lapangan Ooo… Karangsambung… O o o… Karangsambung… Dari Bukit Brujul sampai ke Penosogan Siang hari degan selalu jadi santapan Sore hari Mbak War selalu siap sedia Menyegarkan kita dengan susunya Ooo… Karangsambung… O o o… Karangsambung… Begitu setiap hari, keakraban tercipta Tanpa terasa sebulan lamanya Banyak arti yang kini tersimpan di dalam hati Ooo… Karangsambung… O o o… Karangsambung… (Musik Santai GEA – Karangsambung) My summer holiday: friends and Earth :)