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Nature’s Law

While people are doing great things for holiday (like going to Turkey or holding a youths-meet-up to change the world), I am, spending a half of my holiday in a country where rock beds are not so shy to tell their tales. Here, in Karangsambung, they tell their stories and I’m learning how to read them: rocks and outcrops, hills and rivers; judging and labeling them. They don’t mind though. They have many secrets kept inside; buried and hidden. Beautiful.

Each day, I get closer to nature, at heart. When I sit by the river, walking along the little paths of rice fields, or hiking the hills, I feel like living honesty. A honest and fair life. Unlike a big city, the mountain treats everyone the same. They don’t care whether you have limo; even if you have money to buy the whole area, you still have to hike. The river flows with constant velocity; it will not give any damn about how small, or how big you think you are. The snakes and caterpillars will be snakes and caterpillars: they won’t pretend to be your best friends.

Life is very fair here. Unlike a big city, where people treat others differently. They treat people with private jet plane differently. Girls with beautiful faces or liars with smart lies. The president and the other (they-think-they-are) important people may go on the street with high speed causing the other stuck up in a jam.

The big city just treats people differently.

And the ‘snakes’ and ‘caterpillar’ may pretend to be your best friends (and ‘kill’ you later).

So what life do we call ‘unfair’? The life with millions beautiful lamps polluting the sky causing the stars to hide.

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  1. hello, just blog-hopping from Cupris’!
    true; what you’ve written above. i can relate it to days i spent one month internship in Lombok last year. at first time was ticking so slow then at the end you didn’t want to go back to the big city, cause nature really treated you well.
    nice writing you’ve got here. keep it going!

  2. nicely told :) I think when you go out there, we learn more about ourself, how we think and react against almost everything. It’s nice to know that KarangSambung teach most of us about true meaning of life. :*)

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