Month: October 2010

Mbak Yanti

Mbak Yanti has been our house maid for about 8 years or more. She is a good cook, a hardworking gardener, an Al-Qur’an-reading teacher, a good reminder also a good listener. She came from Kebumen with zero experience, taking the place of Mbak Irah, our previous precious one. I was in junior high school back then. We just moved and it was one of my worst years ever. She is a bestfriend. I can’t say it felt like just yesterday. There are too many things that happened, building a bridge between ‘those days’ and ‘these days’. They didn’t only build a bridge, but also a river, houses, and gardens that separate each of my life phases vividly, beautifully. Mbak Yanti is one of my life phases, one of my beautiful houses. She marked my 8 years of adolescence. She knew how I banged the door everyday I came back from school because I was too stressed by the traffic. She knew how much I like my favorite food, how early I want my breakfast to …