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Above Ground

I, about a month ago, found an interesting post in someone’s Tumblr (that originally came from here). It was about the sidestream-goes-mainstream lifestyle currently trending, something I used to like to mock. Since people have called me ‘cynical’ and I myself have started my final assignment, there would be no need of further discussion about this.

The thing is, in the article, point 11, they mention about feet photographing thing, “(Hipster) A lot of them have pictures of their feet for some odd reason.” This is intriguing because as a non-hipster, I like to take pictures of my feet. Even that Christian Sugiono does too.

Well, my (odd) reason is simply because it tells quite a lot. It tells about the ground; it tells about where I stood. It tells about which pair of shoes I wore; it tells about who I was. It tells about moment and what I felt left unsaid. More like a private personal record.

Here are some of my favorites:


Kawah Putih

Resort World Sentosa

Him and me :)

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