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Another year has passed since I wrote this. Actually, I don’t feel like reviewing 2010 because it is too fabulous to be written in such little space with such forgetful mind but let’s give it a try, at least, the highlights.

  • January. I got interviewed in E-Lifestyle Metro TV together with Mas Koen. Haha.
  • February. My boyfriend’s birthday. <– Should it be highlighted? :P
  • March. Congress of Liga Film Mahasiswa ITB and then officially stated as public relation manager.
  • April. 1)  Featured in a photo exhibition of Festival April 2010 by Institut Ungu in Goethe Haus, Jakarta. I took the photos with Diana, a plastic film camera (that gave me the real self-satisfaction :D) 2) Started to have a beloved new family, functionaries of LFM ITB 2010/2011; Hardi, Hakim, Keni, Dinoy, Beya, Japir, Pii, Ai, Cebi, Panjie, Feni, Sari. It was quite hard for a kinda self-centered person like me to really get into this, but this family built me a home.

  • Mei. The annual meeting of LFM ITB.
  • June. Went to Karangsambung for field geological mapping lesson, as the real basic of being a geologist. This was one of the most memorable moment I had with my classmates. I often miss the whole yellow moment when I am somewhere else. Special thanks for Brenda, Shabi & Mala for being the best room mates, thanks to Jesika as an attachment, thanks to Hardi as patient walking partner, thanks to thanks to all of you you :D
  • July. Spain as World Cup 2010 champion. Family holiday.
  • August. My Birthday, one of the best I ever had (thanks again for all I mentioned from January to July, plus the sweetest crews of LFM ITB). Got scholarship from my dream company, Total E&P Indonesie. Holy Ramadhan.
  • September. Eid. Coming to my father’s hometown, another family holiday :)
  • October. Pasar Seni, and other LFM ITB events.
  • November. Got ISFiT 2011 invitation letter that got me busy escaping to Jakarta for visa.
  • December. Writing this post :P

So, what missions have I accomplished? And what are left unchecked?

  • Trying to do the 5-times-daily-prayer as perfect as possible (v)
  • Writing down everything I can in the class, not to doodle, not to sleep (partially v)
  • Being Miss.Ontime (x) <- TOTAL FAILURE :P
  • Be less cynical and judgmental (-)
  • Nice GPA (v)
  • Being able to drive my own car (x) <- I know I’m lame :P
  • Getting rid of some kgs (x)
  • Learning and loving the art of field geology (v)
  • Giving contribution to LFM ITB & GEA ITB (v)
  • Reading 40 books (-) <- I didn’t even list them
  • Being able to cook (x) <- lame lame lame, haha
  • Writing constantly (v)
  • Doing more alternative photography (v)
  • Reach savings target (v) <- Thanks to, Total E&P ;)

Wow. I think that’s all for now. It’s been so long since the last time I wrote life in such detail. Relieving, though ;)

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  1. achievement nya keren banget eyang! bangga banget deh melihat eyang tumbuh, gimana jadi ortu mu yahh. BIG proud of you, girl! ^_^

  2. @keni: aku udah bisa loh ken, muter-muter kompleks~ :P

    @iks: makasih cucuuu <3 eh, sebentar lagi eyang punya cicit nih yaa? hihih B-)

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