Month: January 2011


How the horizon separates the sea and the sky reminds me of how the present keeps the past and the future in their own places. The past exists by living and the future lives as uncertainty. They never sleep and we love to wait for the sun to confirm that they are contradiction. How the horizon separates the sea and the sky reminds me that eyes are the prettiest liars. Eyes are living within us, telling that the present is a straight line and clear, that everything is small, that things don’t matter. I see blue beyond the infinity. Just like every second I see you and I cheated through your hazel eyes. I don’t know where to put you, the sea or the sky, or beyond. I can’t find you in the horizon. I know that eyes are the prettiest liars alive within me.

What do you guys see on your future job?

Deep thoughts and contemplations don’t solve anything. Most of the time, they get us into a pointless dilemma. Sometime else, dilemma is indeed, the point. I never regret that I did what my father said, getting into this major, traveling around the world, doing something for humankind. For years, I’ve been learning quite a lot about geology and life and struggle out of the comfort zone. When I saw the geologists work, what I thought was, how far they were from their family, how distant they were from Starbucks or bookstores. When I met those guys from oil service companies, what they do was like working an important job inside a small cabin full of living machine talking in binary language then hop from one country to another. Then I found myself wanting their jobs. It felt strange because I’ve always dreamed of proper high heels and fashionable tote bag, not an ugly coverall with oil spots. Is it the salary? Is it the ability to buy-as-much-books -and-tote-bags-as-I-like? Or is it wanderlust? What do you …