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Year of Battles

Hello 2011!

This is my very first post of the year. I know it’s kinda out of date to say ‘happy new year’, but it’s never too late to wish all the best for the next 12 months. We don’t celebrate dates anyway, or do we?

So 2011 would (hopefully) be a year of change for me, a year of battles. Battles with the whole world, and a big battle with myself. When everyone told their great 2011 wishes; like traveling around the world or attending “______ National Model of United Nations” (put world popular university to fill in the blank), I didn’t feel like they wouldn’t work for me. All I wish for 2011 is the power to take care of responsibilities I’m already committed to. As a functionary in an organization, as a last-year student, as a daughter. As a friend.

This is my first picture taken with one of my first cups of coffee, this year. Hello to you! :)

Bismi-llahi r-rahmani r-rahim
In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

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