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Practicing a Future Job

No, I’m not babysitting. I’m currently having an on job training in well geology department in an oil company in Balikpapan. This is my 5th day and so far, everything’s been so fine :) Nice mentors, fun companions, great foods, and sunshine. I know it might be not-even-close-to-reality-later, but it’s surely a good start to get more vision & less scared about the future.

Most of the time, people want what they think is good or popularly overrated; like being rich or getting tanned on the white sandy beach. I used to think, it’d be settlement; like regular holidays in regular office hours or baby-strolling schedule. Then suddenly, it turned out to be adventures. Like surviving tropical seas, sailing through the Arctic and kiss an iceberg, or falling for a guy who only has single vowel in his name.

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