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Some Lines from a Swamp in East Borneo

This is my 11th day of on job training program as wellsite geologist in TEPI, and my 4th day on the Rig Maera, East Borneo. For those who wonder what a ‘rig’ is, it is a construction with many types of equipment designed to make a thing: hole. Yes, a hole that costs million dollars and makes hundreds of living. You just need to not-underestimate.

I really think I should write something about this humbling experience.

For me, Maera is beautiful girl sitting silently on the swamp; with je ne sais quoi and a lot of colors. I came here by helicopter (well, there is something about helicopter that makes you feel special and wanting to tell everyone that you have been in one). From such great height, it looks like a playground but if we want to get closer, we have to wear helmet, glasses, and a pair of really cool shoes.

So what is going on and what are people doing? Drilling operation. Yes, we all are here, once again; to make a hole. This is how we cheat against the Earth, we make a hole to obtain subsurface information and then the gas. It takes a lot of power and experts and team work. There are some parties here: TEPI who owns the well, while the drilling is done by drilling contractor, and supported by oil & gas service companies (such as Schlumberger and Haliburton).

Wellsite geologist, in short, is responsible for controlling the quality of data obtained from below and then reporting it. There are also professions that some of you might never heard before: company man, mud engineer, directional driller, or wireline engineer. They are sooooo damn cool and, yes, highly paid ;) As an on job trainee, all I have to do is watching everyone and everything and keeping them on my mind to be reported later.

If you wonder where we sleep and work, we’ve got office, bedrooms and galley here. Even a karaoke set and Nintendo Wii are available in the recreation room.

There are many things else to tell but I’ve got to continue my report and put as much attention as I can to wireline logging process (with main focus on the cute Ukrainian wireline engineer. Aha.).

Life-tale-telling you later :)

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  1. Oh yes dear, technical things n field are sexy! :D tentu saja mereka highly paid sesuai sama risk n responsible nya kan yah. Have fun eyang!

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