Month: February 2011

ISFiT 2011

February 18, 2011 To Ø; to Å; to the whole 10 days, It’s been a week since I came here. A week and a day since I met you for the first time of forever. I fall in love easily, so I fell in love with the winter; snow on the river; resting on the top of the mountains; on every roof and everywhere. Then I met these people, from all over the world. I fell in love again, with peace and hope that might be waiting in the future. I started to think about Africa, and when I go there, there shall be someone I know that would make a welcome party for me. Or Argentina. Or Bermuda. Or Czech Republic. Or somewhere else. Then I fell in love again, with my country. Land and people, where I grow up, that might need me. I fall in love again with a young idealistic cliche: nationalism. Then I fell in love again, with my family. My treasure, a thousand miles away, whom I always keep …