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ISFiT 2011

February 18, 2011

To Ø; to Å; to the whole 10 days,

It’s been a week since I came here. A week and a day since I met you for the first time of forever. I fall in love easily, so I fell in love with the winter; snow on the river; resting on the top of the mountains; on every roof and everywhere.

Then I met these people, from all over the world. I fell in love again, with peace and hope that might be waiting in the future. I started to think about Africa, and when I go there, there shall be someone I know that would make a welcome party for me. Or Argentina. Or Bermuda. Or Czech Republic. Or somewhere else.

Then I fell in love again, with my country. Land and people, where I grow up, that might need me. I fall in love again with a young idealistic cliche: nationalism.

Then I fell in love again, with my family. My treasure, a thousand miles away, whom I always keep busy-saying-busy to. That I realize, I should hug them more often.

Then I fell in love again, with the whole concept of friendship. That friendship is more than speaking the same language. It also includes sharing dances & dreams. It can be planning the future together. It can be destiny, but it is surely opening our hearts.

Then I fell in love again, with the night. With the lamps, the bus stops, coffee that goes with Snickers, Kings of Convenience, salmon, Polaroid, world map, Norwegian woods. This is how I fell in love with a city called Trondheim, and fell more and more with world.

Thank you for making me feel and fall in love, again and again. Thank you for making me feel blessed and learn the great thing: to love & be loved in return :)

(Specially dedicated to Åshild, Eirin, Sarah, Justice, and everyone in their workshop. This should’ve been my check out. Hehe.)

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  1. No love for me?! Haha…I am happy for you Puti! Keep on dreaming and believe…See you for the next good life…!

  2. Åshild says

    Dearest Puti,
    thank you so much for those beautiful words. I wish I could have heard you read it to us, but this was still a great surprise. Your contribution really meant a lot, and I know these 10 days changed something in me as well (what, I guess I don´t know yet). And btw, I think you´ve got a new follower on your blog;)

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