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The Day I Turned Mafia

Dear Liga Film Mahasiswa ITB,

This is me who has just retired yesterday. After a wonderful year of being one of 13 functionaries, I didn’t know what to say when the-time-everyone-says-“well done, thank you for doing such a good job” came. So I just cried.

I couldn’t identify what exactly drove my tears: happiness, pride, sadness, worry, everything like a storm that rushed into my ribs. After a year of concentrating really hard on you, it’s surely very hard as well, to ‘just leave’. After a year of living with other 12 wonderful people as the closest ‘family’, it’s surely very strange when it’s over. Some people might call this exaggeration because today I will meet you again. We will meet again next week, and every Monday. We will meet again on graduation days. Surely I can arrange to meet everyone, everywhere.

Maybe I cried because after a year of hard work and leaving some other lives, it was indeed, worth it. Maybe I cried because I have to let someones else to take care of you. Maybe I cried because, instead of ‘a year’, ‘a life-phase’ of mine was done. Maybe I cried because after this I have to work on my final assignment (FFFUUUUUU!)

Maybe, it’s just, all of them. The feeling was like breaking up with an abusive boyfriend. It was really really hard because you were terribly in love with him, but you really had to break up and move on.

Then I would like to thank my family, Fungsionaris 2010/2011. I’m sorry I’ve been very selfish to leave you guys very often, but you were always the first thing that came up on my mind in the souvenir shops. I’m sorry that I always went home before 10 PM. Thanks for Hardi, who has balance-developed really well, for asking me to join the great team last year. Hakim, who is calm but surprisingly surprising, yet very kind. Keni, the little girl with great great awesomeness. Japir, the great guy with great great heart. Panjie, the one who always ate a lot, slept a lot, but didn’t get “balanced-developed” through the year. Feni, the bully-able girl but really strong & wonderful indeed. Cebi, with his daily annoyance & thoughtfulness. Sabarbita, with her big passion of film & writing, and super extra effort for the kineklub (I have to say that I learned about you better than I did when we were in highschool). Dinoy, for being the soul, for thinking about everyone & everything. Pii, for always giving the FUN, FUN, FUN touches in everytime & everything (Pii, I know you can listen, but perhaps people just misunderstood your lack of diplomacy). Beyo, a perfect inspiring house-wife-material (satisfaction guarantee!). The last but not the least, Ai, who will have a new family, soon. Be strong, Ai, because it’s not going to be easy. It’s going to be wonderful.

Thanks for my beautiful staffita humasita, Nicil, Karin, Faba, Dea, Faika, for helping me through the year. Special for Faba and Faika, thank you very much for staying until the end of congress, because everytime I saw you both, I felt proud & motivated :’)

Thanks for Fungsionaris 2008/2009, Fungsionaris 2009/2010, for sharing, for the inspiration, for their kindness & thoughtfulness. For Adhi, Annie, Adju, I’m sorry I start with P instead of A ;P Thanks for the supports & suggestions, and I hope I didn’t make LFM sound so “online-only”. Special for Cupris, Mangasi, Insan, Bravo, Lukman, I learned a lot from you :) Very very special for Angga, for advises & for listening & for being the closest mafia & best partner in crime in GEA.

The last but not the least, for all of crew. I can’t mention you one by one, batch by batch, but I deeply thank you all. I would exactly tell you what Rajendra Pachauri told on Washington Post in 2007:

“They should feel deeply encouraged and inspired. It is their contribution which has been recognized. I only happen to be a functionary that essentially oversees the process.”

Please enjoy your moments in LFM :) My last special thanks go for Ramda & Aftah, for everything you said & wrote, simply, for being best-friends.

As Fungsionaris 2010/2011, I said, “Thanks for flying with us”.

As Puti Karina Puar, I said, “Thanks, for giving me chance to fly with you”.

Sincerely yours,

Your ex public relation manager of 2010-2011

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  1. :* smooch
    Aaaaaaawng saya sedih bacanya. Puci makasi ya selama ini sudah bergendut bersama. :3

  2. feni says

    Puciii…makasiiii…terharuu..gue merupakan orang yang sangattidakbisa menulis,dan susah mengungkapkan maksud dalam kata2…intinya makasiii banget selalu bersama 1 tahun ini… :) saatnya kita nanti menjalani jalan2 mafia.. :D bertahun2 kedepan..

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