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A Bad News might just be a Delayed Good News

I don’t know how many times I’ve been feeling moment of ‘waiting for a good news’. Junior high school score for high school entrance, AFS student exchange program result, ITB entrance exam result, TOTAL scholarship result, ITB-HNMUN acceptance, and the latest one was ISFiT invitation. Some of them turned out good, some else were ended up as bad news.

I didn’t make it to SMA 8. I cried hard when I was rejected by AFS. I was pretty disappointed when I didn’t see my name on the ITB-HNMUN candidates list who passed through the selection. The terrible part was that I once had thought that I could’ve made it. It was worse because I had done my best and prayed solemnly.

As the years pass by, I’m now on my last year of being a full-time student. It’s been truly beautiful 4 years with miraculous high school memories of SMA 68. I realize that everything might be completely different if I was accepted in other high school, even a better one. I might not be able to get into this major if it was a year later after being an exchange student. I might just not be here, that I gratefully am right now.

I didn’t make it to US for HNMUN last February. Then I got invited to Norway for ISFiT, for exactly the same month.

“If God shuts one door, He opens another”
—Irish proverb

Now I’m currently waiting for another good news. It might come. it might not come. I know it is not easy pretending to look happy over a bad news, but still, everything will be fine.

Because a bad news might just be a delayed good one :)

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  1. I think God always prepare a good plan for us..just be patient..maybe it will need a longer time.. ;)
    an invisible hand had exchanged your cry in the past with a great invitation to Norway.. and it makes me envy with you..I really want to visit Europe ;)

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