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Keep Calm and Marry On

Late this afternoon I finally received a wedding invitation from my junior-high-bestie, Chita. I’ve been really excited about this because, first, this gonna be my first best friend’s wedding. Second, she’s getting married with a geologist (sounds sexy, doesn’t it? *AHEM*), and third, like, “come on, my best friend is going to be someone’s wife!”

I’ve got a feeling that another best friend’s wedding is coming; one after another. I start to realize that this is the so-called ‘living-twenties’ which happens in chick-lit novels like forever.

I actually don’t have any plan for marriage yet. I wrote here that I wanted to marry a guy with Viking blood but that one doesn’t count. No, I’m not a lesbian, I just still wonder if marriage can be planned. For me, it sounds more like fate, or like meeting, or like death. For me, it is the wedding that we (girls like me) plan, as it doesn’t need the further thought of preparing breakfast every morning for a lifetime or having one daughter plus two sons.

Well, I have partial plans for my future wedding: I will design the invitation and it would be pop-up card. There will be balloons and coffee and green tea and polaroid booth with wooden frame as souvenir. Just wait for it, people. Just…..

keep calm and marry on ;)


(Image: La Marriage Melancolique, taken from here.)

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  1. so sweet… pop-up card, suvenir frame kayu + foto polaroid… benar-benar mencerminkan dirimu :3

  2. I’ll brew the coffee with bialetti and extra cinnamon for your guests on your wedding day ;) fresh frothed milk included..

  3. gita srikandi says

    putiiiii..kalo aku nikah,bantuin desain undangan ma nikahanny y ;P

    just keep calm and marry on ;)

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