Month: July 2011

Hello, Goodbye, Repeat.

So, how has life been on my first week of this new life? It’s been pretty great :) On the first day, I was re-introduced to the operation geologists (yes, all are male). I earned a degree on ‘The Art of Being Newbie and Looked Busy Doing Nothing’, so it was okay. I’m really thankful that I had spent a month in this city before so, at the very least, I know what and how to register myself, and get to the malls (I hate to say this, but I do love malls). Then on the following days, I managed to get my badge, and my rig uniform (red shirts, helmet, safety shoes, etc). Also, I did loads of survival kits shopping: water heater, wireless internet modem, broom and other disinfectant products, and for sure, packs of instant coffee & cereals. For my first weekend; yesterday I bought a bike, so I took myself around and tried my Bike-to-Work route. Other than that, I’ve been spending my time in my crib, watching TV, reading novels, and …



A new life has begun and I’m saying ‘hello’ again to Balikpapan. I know I still owe a lot of ‘goodbye’ back there, but life is too short to wait and too soon to happen. So here I am.

Last Days

My last days of being a bachelor student were… hauntingly beautiful (borrowing my idol’s words to describe my favorite song). There were best friends, nostalgias, weddings, shopping sessions, photo hunting session, sushi, waffle, laughs, compliments, prayers, dreams & plans for the future, flowers, rain, smiles, tears, and to conclude them: loves. Again and again, I would like to thank You, and all of you, to let this beautiful phase of life happen to me. :)