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My 8th Semester

It’s been almost a month since my last post and a lot of things happened. ‘A lot’, literally, including another life milestone: finishing my study in bachelor degree. For this, I thanked God and I thanked everyone for being very very kind and supportive :’) I actually had a plan to explain my final project to you, my non-geologic-friends, but well, maybe later. I decide to write the easier thing (without being less important) first: my feeling.

It’s a joy to be able to graduate on time, but on the other hand, it’s painful to leave this phase of life. After this, I would have to start a completely new life with new responsibility; as a same me with same theory: “although we aren’t talking about a love story, moving on is always uneasy”. For me, these 4 years have taught me countless lesson to live, gave me countless reasons to run, yet facilitated my countless blessing to happen.

These 4 years have been completed with this 8th semester, which is wonderful.

It was started in January, where I spent a month in Borneo. It let me catch a glimpse about an option for the future. On February, I managed to put my photo on a side of entrance gate in my campus for attending a student festival somewhere not far from the North Sea (which is always my dream). The student festival, somehow, opened my eyes to see the world and, at the same time, opened my heart to see my own country. It met me with a lot of nice people, and some of them turned to be best friends.

I spent March at home, with people who always make me feel at home. On April, I started doing my final assignment on the 21st floor, in a company where my father spends his days these 20 years. It was an indescribable feeling to dig back the old wells data and found the names I had heard on my childhood. Then, came what May. It let me enjoy things equally: every single responsibility, meeting friends, living life. Mostly going to malls which made me bored.

June was the last month. It brought me up and down and up. It was filled with thank-you’s, tears, a sleepless meaningful week with Dian Larasati, stress & strain, and repeated-thank-you’s. Above all, it taught me much about an important cliché: the power of never giving up.

So, here I am on July looking back on the last 6 months. I’ve been in quite a lot of places; the swamp, the rocking road of Borneo, the European railway, the stock exchange building, shiny temples, best friend’s rooms, and of course, home(s). I can only feel grateful and I found my self grown up.

All of the sudden, I found myself stopped wishing things such as big big big shopping or traveling worldwide with expensive sunglasses or stylish coat. All of the sudden, all I wish is just to be better; living and loving.

All of the sudden, I miss everyone as I will always miss my 8th semester.

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  1. :) exactly what I felt 2 months before I graduated. I graduated last May. :) I suggest that you “thank you the time.” Thank you for the happiness. Thank you for the time that you already passed. And congratulation on your graduation….
    btw, salam kenal
    like your posts and your cerita dalam bahasa :)

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