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Between ‘Lives for Working’ and ‘Works for Living’

This picture was taken from my new friend’s messenger display picture. He’s an engineer for that-blue-oil-and-gas-service-company, spent 2 years in Stavanger, and for sure, internationally well paid. His role (and the whole team) is crucial and staying awake all hours is a part of the job. Now he’s assigned on the drilling rig where I currently work.

Drilling rig, is a spoiled giant. It costs great deal of dollars every single hour so everyone, and everything, works hard; day and night, Monday to Sunday. It is sleepless. The morning people are sometimes forced to have their breakfast tea on midnight while the nocturnal creatures be in disguise. Yet, living and working here let me learn some priceless lessons.

Now, let me ask you a million dollar question “do we work for living or do we live for working?

I guess everyone would pick the first one (who would like to sound like a working donkey anyway?) but, the 999.999 dollar part is: What is “living” for you?

Need to cheat? You can take a peek here in Wikipedia.

After hours sitting on the helideck missing Bandung, after listening to people’s stories here, after saying “no easy money, huh?” while yawning so often, after wondering so many times “what if I’m bad at this, what if I disappoint my mentor and my boss?”, and after so many other thoughts, I came up with the conclusion: living is an ongoing process of life.

And this is life. We meet people, we do the take-and-give, we disappoint them sometimes, we miss them, we create value, we become afraid of the day when our wall of comfort zone falls down. They all happen wherever, whenever. On the rig, on the top of skyscraper, on the street, even on the highway to our home.

So I guess, between ‘Lives for Working’ and ‘Works for Living’, there’s a line saying ‘To work is to live‘ bonding them together and on that line, I found myself walking down humanly, breathing slowly, thanking God endlessly.

 Yani, our pretty iron-y partner.

(Picture taken from the picture collection of Yani laptop. It was not taken by me.)

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  1. hahahah…..
    there’s two side in rig… hell and heaven… one side u’r so sleepy and other side you have a cozy room to lay… but you can’t lay… hahahah…. there’s no eazy money… but believe me… if u’r a geologist…. it’s eazy to face it…
    Move on….

  2. rayhanna says

    Putii. entah kenapa gue sedih baca ini. di bandung gue mengeluh ini itu tentang kuliah, organisasi, dan lain2. dan di luar sana, lo kerja banting tulang dan… menjadi orang yang sangat bijak. lebih bijak dari yang pernah gue tahu. thank you for posting this one. semoga suksesss puuutiii :D

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