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My copy of Douglas Coupland‘s Shampoo Planet got dog-eared a lot as it is full of catchy sentences. This novel tells us about “Tyler Johnson’s life as he arrives home from Europe, and the fallout of this trip and beyond,” (Quoting Wikipedia). Tyler’s got a girlfriend called Anna-Louise which is so B+-ly adorable. Things weren’t easy for Tyler and Anna-Louise but they call each other “Trailer Park” and “Tornado” (which is cute).

Relationship between Tyler and Anna-Louise wasn’t the most important part of this novel but I really like this pharagraph that I rewrote it:

Anna-Louise cancelled lunch today. A bad sign. Here I am, leaving for Seattle now in only a one week and I have yet to even see the woman. Phone calls only obtain her answering machine. And as I box and wrap the contents of my bedroom, I wonder, is Anna Louise monitoring her phone calls and deliberately not answering when she hears my voice? I can’t even begin to guess. I’m hedging my bets, though. Yesterday afternoon when I knew she was at the community college I left a sack of Halloween candy on her doorstep. I also snuck around back where I had planted the crocus bulbs slated to spell LOVE ME come spring and I scrambled the word “ME” so now the bulbs will only spell out “LOVE“. I think the “ME” part might be perceived as too egotistical. Can’t be too careful.

And I just think that there should be a Tyler for every Anna-Louise.

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