Seandainya Aku Bisa Terbang

Oh, jauh sekali rumahmu
Kangen rindu semua ada
Selalu ada untukmu kekasih
Kukayuh sepeda kumbangku
Ku berkhayal andai dapat
Mengantarkanku sampai ke rumahmu

(Kahitna – Seandainya Aku Bisa Terbang)

Yesterday, “Konser Cerita Cinta 25 Tahun Kahitna was held in Jakarta. I had had a feeling already, that I somehow would not be able to attend any gig in this meantime so I didn’t purchase the ticket. The decision turned just right: it was held on weekday, normal working day. All I did in Balikpapan was playing its songs on shuffle-repeat mode and flooding my Twitter timeline with some lines of the lyrics.

As for me, Kahitna is a guilty pleasure I never try to hide. Name their songs and sing them, almost everything is similar and telling about unrequited love, crying over an ex, desperately sweet love, sinful true love, blabla love or x love or y love. Corny. But I read a good saying from Joko Anwar, (more or less) like this: “Falling in love would make you f*cking corny, but it’s the only time you are forgiven to be that way.”

As for me, for the whole 25 years, Kahitna has been defining love honestly. It’s sounds easy, but it should be seen from another point of view. That love doesn’t always have to be deep and it can be dynamic. That love should be enjoyed by everyone, no matter how ordinary. That love should be expressed and making us sing :)

Please keep singing, Kahitna!


“Andai Dia Tahu”

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Puty Puar. F/26. Indonesian. Currently living and working in Balikpapan (ID) as geologist and freelance illustrator. She also enjoys amateur photography, books, traveling, fine art & design.

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