Month: October 2011

October, 2011

On my graduation day in July, I didn’t bring my camera. It was hectic as I was preparing my migration to Kalimantan at the same time (and it rained all afternoon). It felt more like a storm for me. I can’t really remember every detail but the beautiful flowers and the whole rush. Then I came back to Bandung again 3 months later. To feel the euphoria. To see the smiles. To run and hug and congratulate. To say it with flower. To remember the young dreams. To feel the good old days once again. Flowers & chocolate :) Fungsionaris LFM 2010/2011. Congrats Japir &Feni! 68 fellows. Because high school never ends. GEA :) Wilda, Mala, Shabi. Ayo Conggg, tinggal kamuuu :3 — Good luck, fellows. It won’t be easy, but it will be wonderful.    

These 3 Months

So far, two of the greatest blessings in my life were: 1) I never had to come to a job fair, to stand up in line with hundreds of other brilliant people (with sky-rocketing GPA) bringing CVs. 2) I was given a lot of opportunities to afford such priceless thing: my parents’ happiness. Then, being grateful is not only about counting the blessings. For me, it’s the fight, the whole hard work, to prove that you deserve them. And that has been what these 3 months all about. I’ve been skipping quite a lot: my birthday, Eid, my brother’s comeback, my best friends’ important days, little reunions, my favorite local-band’s concert, and na na na. I’ve been missing things, sleeping less, saving 16 days-off and running a lot. The wonderful thing is: it’s been just wonderful. Alhamdulillah.