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These 3 Months

So far, two of the greatest blessings in my life were: 1) I never had to come to a job fair, to stand up in line with hundreds of other brilliant people (with sky-rocketing GPA) bringing CVs. 2) I was given a lot of opportunities to afford such priceless thing: my parents’ happiness.

Then, being grateful is not only about counting the blessings. For me, it’s the fight, the whole hard work, to prove that you deserve them.

And that has been what these 3 months all about. I’ve been skipping quite a lot: my birthday, Eid, my brother’s comeback, my best friends’ important days, little reunions, my favorite local-band’s concert, and na na na. I’ve been missing things, sleeping less, saving 16 days-off and running a lot.

The wonderful thing is: it’s been just wonderfulAlhamdulillah.

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