Month: November 2011

About Traveling Abroad

Lately, traveling abroad has been trending among us, middle class kids. The low-cost carriers offer flights on good deals. Traveling guides and infos are easily accessible. Another reason: the social media websites encourage people to show-off (“Touch down, Hongkong!”, “Step on London”, you state it). What got me interested was, the fact that some of us see this like,“Why are you obsessed with traveling abroad? We’ve got all beauty in Indonesia already. We even have modern day dinosaur!” I got the idea of being so fed up with showing-off kind of people, but I guess the urge to travel is natural, that they created the term ‘wanderlust’. wanderlust Pronunciation:/?w?nd?l?st/ noun [mass noun] a strong desire to travel:a man consumed by wanderlust I don’t come from a family who can provide me stacks of money to go travelling abroad like anytime anywhere. Like most of ordinary Indonesians, travelling is still a luxury especially when it involves more than 8 hours flight. However, it was my parents who inspire me to travel. Ayah, my father, when he went …


Plan H

After a visit to my cousin’s house last month and falling in love with the newlyweds’ giant bean bag, I started to think about having a house. Surely, later in the future. I don’t know how late, but the first plan is: to fill it with bean bags and coffee-maker. The idea of having such space to decorate is just tempting. Having my own bookshelf and 100% freedom of choosing wallpaper to cover the wall. Having a proper place for my cameras and a living room full of black and white photographs of places I traveled. Felany, a female field engineer (a best friend on the rig), said that she also thought about having a house with a fish pond. My mind then flew back home where my mom lives with fancy treasures she’s been collecting since her early years of marriage. Maybe such thoughts naturally happen. Maybe I inherit it from Bunda. The thing is, having a house might get me attached*, which is not a part of the so so plan A. Early-twenties is …

Regaining Sanity

After losing my sanity somewhere about 1234kms from the other side of the board, I’ve been trying to regain it. I flew back and I flew again. It used to be working all the time. But, I felt like blue and I felt like the sky. So flying didn’t make me less any of them. I was blinded by the street lights at night instead of the sun. I was crushed by words instead of promises (which is way more ordinary, and better). My favorite, just turned out traumatic. So I got back to work. Less sleeping; more coffee. Less best friends; more talk about future house, future band. Less memories; more promises. Less reason for sighing; more equal amount of each kind of blue. Blue will be blue, but getting its opacity less and less might turn it to white.