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About Traveling Abroad

Lately, traveling abroad has been trending among us, middle class kids. The low-cost carriers offer flights on good deals. Traveling guides and infos are easily accessible. Another reason: the social media websites encourage people to show-off (“Touch down, Hongkong!”, “Step on London”, you state it). What got me interested was, the fact that some of us see this like,“Why are you obsessed with traveling abroad? We’ve got all beauty in Indonesia already. We even have modern day dinosaur!” I got the idea of being so fed up with showing-off kind of people, but I guess the urge to travel is natural, that they created the term ‘wanderlust’.



noun [mass noun]

a strong desire to travel:a man consumed by wanderlust

I don’t come from a family who can provide me stacks of money to go travelling abroad like anytime anywhere. Like most of ordinary Indonesians, travelling is still a luxury especially when it involves more than 8 hours flight. However, it was my parents who inspire me to travel. Ayah, my father, when he went to Dallas for company training decided to spend all of his allowance to travel from East Cost to West Cost of US instead of saving & bringing the money back home. Bunda, my mother, agreed. They were on the same side of the road: “You came to America which didn’t happen everyday, so why wasted it?” So my father traveled from Washington to Richmond-Virginia, while back at home we still struggled with installment of our house that time.

So about 14 years later, when I was invited to Europe for a student festival, they said, “Go, see Europe. Extend the trip.” Then I spent such great amount of their money in 2 weeks. It was worth it. It wasn’t about the pride of saying, “Oh, I’ve been to Scandinavia,” or uploading the photo album titled “Euro Trip” to social networking sites. The trip taught me a lot about the beauty of western culture and how they develop in such discipline. The trip inspired me to be better and push me to run faster, chasing for higher dreams. Plus, the charm of Europe got me promising myself to come back with my own money. As for me, traveling, indeed, injects spirit to my veins. On one word: priceless.

For me, we live this life only once. It’s too short to be spent with saving every cent for your future son & daughter. Save some too see the world yourself, plan (or at least, dream) to travel, so later you can tell them to do their best for conquering the world.

To close this, I quoted a quote from Mila Fira’s tumblr, an inspiring charming young woman who travels a lot herself.

“Orang berilmu dan beradab tidak akan diam di kampung halaman

Tinggalkan negerimu dan merantaulah ke negeri orang
Merantaulah, kau akan dapatkan pengganti dari kerabat dan kawan
Berlelah-lelahlah, manisnya hidup terasa setelah lelah berjuang.

Aku melihat air menjadi rusak karena diam tertahan
Jika mengalir menjadi jernih, jika tidak, kan keruh menggenang

Singa jika tak tinggalkan sarang tak akan dapat mangsa
Anak panah jika tidak tinggalkan busur tak akan kena sasaran

Jika matahari di orbitnya tidak bergerak dan terus diam
Tentu manusia bosan padanya dan enggan memandang

Bijih emas bagaikan tanah biasa sebelum digali dari tambang
Kayu gaharu tak ubahnya seperti kayu biasa jika di dalam hutan.”

–Imam Syafi’i


  1. Awesome post, as always.. :)
    Open your eyes and boarden your view, that’s the greatest thing about traveling (not just abroad). This is the first time I go outside Asia, it’s a great experience, as well as awakening.
    When I try to tell my friends about Indonesia, amazingly I know some great places that they can only find in Indonesia, but sadly I visited just a few. It made me realize I have to touch and see more hidden part of Indonesia.

  2. as always, your post so lovely. I got a dream about travelling since many many times ago, but my budget and time dont allow me to go :(

  3. 100% agree with you, puty :)
    Traveling is not always showing to people that we have money, but for the one who did it, it was another journey to enrich themselves. Hehe.

  4. In my opinion Put, the question is not whether we lingwant to see (and learn) on the bigger view anymore. Knowledge is everywhere and I just pity someone who doesn’t have the eagerness to learn. It is about sharing the knowledge, sharing what you see on the other part of the ground. I’m glad we have you, who want to share your belief of travel abroad. But how many people who wrote “Touchdown, Hong Kong” and keep the experience for themselves and wasted the journey by not seeing the ‘real world’ (instead, they’re just taking pictures of themselves on famous landmark and show it off to everyone)? Sure I fed up as much as you are but I can’t blame them, in fact they’re already ahead of me by going abroad. I’m just too cynical to see what they brought home after the trip. Do they bring something much more than the photos and foreign chocolates? Do they share the knowledge and the dream to see much more of the world to other? Because I thought, unshared knowledge is as wasted as the saved money you’re not spent on travelling somewhere.

    Thanks for the writing Put, for a long time I’ve been so cynical about people who cross countries and show off about their photos abroad. Turn out, your writing has opened my eyes to see the bigger picture of it :)

    • I really appreciate your comments, guys, and I’m really glad that I’ve got such feedbacks. Especially for Cupris. I once read a post about this in our blog, and I coulnd’t help agreeing that people who come to France for posing with Eiffel Tower (then spend the nights partying like world-wide-class-citizens) are pathetic. However Cup, NEVER EVER let such guys distort your vision to dream about this big big world. Never.

      You and me are quite alike, so I know, you’ll like European museums and the whole colors of auntumn :) Let’s dream about them together :)

  5. Go travel abroad, see more of the world, meet more people, learn more about good things on the other side of the globe, trash the negative ones, and appreciate more your own culture :)

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