Month: December 2011

Sekarang Sudah Besok

Sekarang sudah besok. Maka biar aku menjadi biru sarung bantalmu, merintik hujan di kaca jendela, lalu menggulai kopi pagi. Sederhana saja. Seperti itu. Advertisements


The Year of Flying

It is already the first of the last ten days in 2011. I hope not too early for another annual life-recap (after this & this). 2011 has been a wonderful year. I always said that 2007 was my best year because I achieved my dream for Institut Teknologi Bandung and started a new life (which was super great). But then, running through the finish line felt super great too. 2011 has been the year of flying for me. I’ve been flying for (almost) the whole year. People around me have been flying (in with hello and out with goodbye). The year itself’s been flying quietly; far & fast. January: Flying to Borneo for On Job Training. Flying on helicopter for the first time to a drilling rig called Maera (which became the name of my future daughter). February: Flying back home to fly again. Flying to Norway for “The Scream” in Oslo then ISFiT in Trondheim. Flying back home from Amsterdam after leaving pieces of heart in Gothenburg, Copenhagen, and Brussels. March: Ended the ‘flight’ of …

It’s the Shoes That Need The Box and Not Vice Versa

Eventually I spent this weekend on town and was able to attend Borneons Donate‘s charity. This was their tenth charity but actually my first one with the Borneons. It was held in an orphanage in Balikpapan named Nurul Iman. I had a lot of fun taking pictures of the children smiling while making some handcrafts. For such activities, I wish I had more free weekend on town instead of on board :P. Borneons Donate was originally inspired by Shoebox Project, initiated by Beriozka Anita in Jakarta. Shoebox Project has slogans: “Karena berbagi adalah kebutuhan, bukan kewajiban” (“Because sharing is a need instead of a must”), and “Karena sepatu yang membutuhkan kotaknya, bukan sebaliknya” (“Because it’s the shoes that need the box and not vice versa”). Earlier, I didn’t really notice about the second slogan, while the first one has existed in my family. Since I was little, Bunda (mum) has got me used to doing such things, sharing and interacting with the less unfortunates. She told me that when she was young, she didn’t have …