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Belle & Sebastian

Me, I’m not really one of Belle & Sebastian groupies, but their catchy tracks never fail to cheer up my days, especially my rig days. A couple of weeks ago, I doodled 4 of my favorite tracks from them, and thinking about printing the results as postcards. If you’re a Belle & Sebastian listener and fave one of my favorites, feel free to tell me, and I’ll send you the postcard (a bit later in January, ok? ;)).

Yes, and “Funny Little Frog” didn’t make my top 4 :(

For the Price of a Cup of Tea
The Life Pursuit (2006)
(If you want to listen)

She’s Losing It
Tigermilk (1996)
(If you want to listen)

Step Into My Office
Dear Catastrophe Waitress (2003)
(If want to watch the video)

We Rule The School
Tigermilk (1996)
(If you want to listen)

So, do we fave a track or two in common?

If yes, you can leave your postal address.

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  1. nindya wardhani says

    kak puty, aku mau dong yang we rule the school atau yang she’s losing it!
    aaa itu salah dua dari lagu favorit aku hihihi \:D/

    • Boyehhh, Januari ya, nanti aku minta DM-in alamat kamu (tapi nanti aja, kalau sekarang pasti ilang alamatnya :P) *ceroboh*

    • deviiiiiiiiiii….. apa kabar kamuhhhh?? *peluk peluk*

      Nanti ya dev, kalau di rig aku coba. me like it also, tapi gambarnya susah :P

  2. Caecil says

    Aku mau!! Mau!! MAUUUU!!!
    Yang mana aja boleh!! Lucu semua sih.
    Masih bisa ga?? #ngarepbanget
    Pliisss pliiisss pliiisssss

  3. Susana Serro says

    I love “She’s Losing It” from Tigermilk . E-mail me please for the postal adress.
    Love from Portugal


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