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My Father Told Me,

My father told me, when it came to working, we couldn’t choose whom we were going to deal with. He also told me, that working was not something like shopping, that we could buy things we liked then leave what wasn’t tempting.

That’s how I see that working is not always about passion, but patience.
Not always about being good, but having the attitude.
Not always about ability, but adaptability.
Not always about skill, but will.

My father told me, working is another life-jihad.



Did your father ever tell you anything about working?

PS: If you are an Indonesian moslem, I suggest you this reading: “Kerja adalah Ibadah” by Quraish Shihab.

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  1. If they asked you for something, always answer Yes, I can do that, and work honestly – my father told me that put ;)

  2. My father used to tell me that life is not about “take and give” but more about “give and give.” Unfortunately we didn’t have much time together. But I applied those words for working.

  3. Hello, just jumped here from link Cupris’ gave me because I reblog Maut’s post on Tumblr about what you wrote above.
    This reminds me of one discussion I had with my boss. He told me that he was graduated with a GPA of 2,1 but he’s worked in Singapore, Abu Dhabi and now works as a procurement manager in a local EPC company. He said what distinguishes a potential successful worker to any other employee are attitude, and will to aim for perfection.
    This also reminds me of what my father said; he once said exactly the same thing and (if I may add) one other thing: “Untuk tetap menjaga diri dalam kejujuran, dan hanya mengambil apa yang memang menjadi hakmu.” (Don’t know how to put this in English)
    And this fits to your father’s description that working is also another life-jihad.
    Feel content just to read your post here. Good luck to you and your career!

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