Month: January 2012

Changes and Changes

These past two weeks were really great with things that make me feel at home; family, best-friends, traffic jams, buildings and streets I used to pass by; city dust and lights. The buildings and the streets were still on the same coordinates, changed a bit here and there on the surface, but I mostly remembered how they were used to be. The city dust was still a part of the wind, and the city lights at night were still bright and sometimes blinding. The traffic jams got worse though. Some things else changed. My brother; he grew taller and stronger and normally started to watch porn with his friends. My best friends changed also. Well, Noumi was still Noumi and Wiena was still Wiena; all of them were still them. We still laughed the way we used to. We still gossiped about some particular people and sang the song from particular phase we had in common. Only, some of them got jobs, one or two got married, and I wasn’t sure about how many that got drunk. All …