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Kindle Story

After some time waiting, I finally got my e-book reader; a Kindle Touch. For those who asks where I bought it; I asked an engineer fella, Felany, to buy it while she went for training in Houston, US. AFAIK, Amazon doesn’t officially ship Kindle to outside US. For those who want it so much; anything is ‘available’ in FJB Kaskus, so you may check there.

Well, I’m not a gadget reviewer, but as a reader, I recommend it. It’s light, handy, and the battery lasts up to 2 months (they say) without music & wi-fi on. Music & wi-fi? Yes, it’s got an mp3 player so we can play music while reading (I put sounds of the rain and other natural tracks), and wi-fi so we can highlight some catchy lines and tweet it with a couple of touches. Don’t worry about our basic needs for reading like adjusting the font-size or adding bookmarks for they are surely available. My favorite feature in Kindle, by the way, is the dictionary letting us see the definition of a word just by touching it. For those who like to read, it’s probably the best way to spend USD99. (wait, plus 8.5% for the tax, Felany said)

Now let me tell you about the case. I didn’t ask Fel to buy the screen protector or the case. The price of the case could be a quarter of the Kindle price itself, and I didn’t find anything so charming. Then I remembered Mbak Tarlen (Vitarlenology) with her handmade stuff. I met her in Pasar Seni 10.10.10 and regularly checked her blog ever since. So I mailed and asked her to make a customized Kindle case for me. It was tricky because I only told her what I wanted it to be and gave her the dimension. However, after some hard works, it came true and I LIKE IT VERY MUCH.

It’s red outside, batik inside, and titled after my favorite novel.

Well, there are some frequently asked questions from people who are not familiar with e-book reader yet. Here are some of them (hopefully you’d find it informative).

Where did you buy it?
My friend bought it in US and brought it to Indonesia for me.

Can I buy it in Indonesia?
Well, no. However, there are some people who sell Kindle family via Forum Jual Beli Kaskus.

Black and white?
Yes it is. It’s so paper-like. Any colored image would be displayed as black and white, just like newspaper.

4GB device memory. They say it’s enough to carry approximately 3,000 e-books.

Isn’t Kindle coming with colors as well?
Yes, it’s Kindle Fire. It’s more like tablet. Check it here.

Shoud I buy Kindle or Kindle Fire?
Well, it depends on how you are going to use it. If you want an e-book reader, you should buy Kindle with e-ink technology (Touch, Keyboard, DX) for your eyes convenience and for the battery life that would last longer. With Kindle fire, you can do the music-listening, video-watching, gaming, browsing and of course reading, but remember, the battery would only last for 8 hours.

Do we have to buy books in Amazon?
No. We can download a lot of e-books freely. For example,, it provides free downloadable classic e-books like my favorite Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland :)

What is the format for the e-books?
It should be .mobi, but Kindle can read .pdf and .txt. However, I use Calibre to convert the pdf to mobi. Calibre is also cool for managing your e-books collection.

Can we use it for browsing and check Twitter and Facebook?
Yes, we can. Kindle’s got built in wi-fi, but it’s not really nice for browsing. (Trivia! You can access Facebook from Kindle Touch through

But I like buying the real books. I like the feeling of coming into a bookstore and smelling a new book. I like the excitement of finding the book I’ve been looking for and bringing it home.
So do I! As for me, having kindle doesn’t stop me buying new books. Don’t worry :)

See, I just bought a new book this week :)



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  1. Elgaa says

    Mbak, post nya menarik. Kebetulan saya juga sedang mencari gadget untuk baca ebook. Saya sempat baca kalau kindle ada yang 3G, tapi itu bisa dipake di Indonesia? Selain itu dari post mbak, Kindle nggak begitu bagus untuk browsing, nggak bagusnya gimana ya mbak?

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