Month: February 2012


Before living here, I used to correlate “Borneo” with extra-large-sized rain forest with billions of trees. In reality, after 7 months, I hardly went into any forest here. So when my friends at work suggested that we should go to Bukit Bangkirai at weekend, I didn’t think twice to say “I’m in!” Although personally I’m not a big fan, but forests are indeed beautiful. They are beautiful because they are not easy to understand yet so simple. They are beautiful beautiful because they get us back to beginning; just some little insignificant dust of universe. Where money isn’t much a matter and problem is considered caused by expectation.


I’ve grown up with ‘Norrköping’ inside my head. I didn’t really have any idea where it was but I could feel it as a modest town, not so bright with city light. Now, I still feel like knowing a family, with 7 children and the youngest ones called ‘Pysen’ and ‘Little O’. I remember Knut with his glasses and his fondness of ship-in-the-bottle. I remember Lars and his shoes and also Daisy. I remember the buttery biscuits, the hot milk, and fresh strawberry jam. I remember Aunt Bella’s laundry and Åland Sea. Cats? I remember them not that clearly. Days passing by, I remember less, but I know the Peep-Larssons live there, forever. So thank you Edith Unnerstad for the earliest introduction of Scandinavia. When I’m retired later, I promise to be a children book writer.