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I’ve grown up with ‘Norrköping’ inside my head. I didn’t really have any idea where it was but I could feel it as a modest town, not so bright with city light. Now, I still feel like knowing a family, with 7 children and the youngest ones called ‘Pysen’ and ‘Little O’. I remember Knut with his glasses and his fondness of ship-in-the-bottle. I remember Lars and his shoes and also Daisy. I remember the buttery biscuits, the hot milk, and fresh strawberry jam. I remember Aunt Bella’s laundry and Åland Sea. Cats? I remember them not that clearly. Days passing by, I remember less, but I know the Peep-Larssons live there, forever.

So thank you Edith Unnerstad for the earliest introduction of Scandinavia.

When I’m retired later, I promise to be a children book writer.

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  1. mirna says

    I read “tamasya panci ajaib” when I was 7. haha. It’s wonderful.

    i love ur writing.

  2. janji yah put, aq tungguin loh bukunya :P

    Kalo aq tumbuh dengan membaca Tiny (Marcel Marlier and Gijs Haag), suka banget sama ilustrasi nya, detail dan lembut, klasik :D

  3. Hai Puty, aku tahu blog kamu dari Rahne :D..
    I heart you!! Also read those books when I was small : Tamasya Panci Ajaib, Tamasya Laut, Si Bandel, O Mungil, and I think they’ve started to grow my interest to European places and cultures (also food?) since I was small.. Haha..

    The cat was named Persson if I’m not mistaken :)

    • Wow, ternyata memang buku-buku masa kecil kita berkesan ya :) Thank you very much for reading and letting me know that I’m not the only one who sticks much to novels from my childhood :D

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